Team fundraising ideas in the news

Team Fundraising Ideas

Here are some Team Fundraising Ideas Found In The News

Has your booster club seen a drop in donations because of the Covid-19 pandemic? Well you are not alone. In this blog post we share some great team fundraising ideas you can do during Covid.

  1. Egg my yard
  2. Dodgeball tournament
  3. Virtual golf tournament
  4. Sell tickets for “ghost games”
  5. “Shooting for a Cure!”
  6. Lobster Bowl Tournament
  7. Climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest at home
  8. Phil lifts his house for charity
  9. Product fundraising

Booster clubs report fundraising dollars are down allover the internet. And it is no surprise. After all how do you fundraise when you can’t be with people. This meant that traditional sports booster club events like car washes, bake sales, and anything else that involved being with people were not possible.   Check out these sports fundraising ideas.

Sports booster clubs see drop in fundraising during COVID-19 pandemic

Where does that leave booster parents? Notice what these sports booster parents in Erie county had to say…

“If we wouldn’t have fundraised in the years prior, we would have been hurting,” she said. “We try to take it seriously with good planning and asking for volunteers. We have a lot of support here.”

What have they done to help make up the difference?

They printed a color program for their sports teams and have sold them at events. They plan to have an apparel sale later in the school year. Now the covid restrictions have been lifted in some areas they have opened  their football game concession stands again.

Egg my yard fundraiser

This volunteer fire department team came up with a great idea for last spring. They set up a facebook for people to  contact and donate to their yard egged for Easter morning. As you can imagine this was very popular with parents and grandparents for the kids.

Any baseball, wrestling or football team could do this next year. — Source

Dodgeball tournament

Anytime Fitness held a dodgeball tournament fundraiser for Carson Valley Woman.

The event consists of a single elimination tournament with 16 mixed teams of six players at $150 per team. Competitors are encouraged to wear costumes with the theme of this year’s Carson Valley Days. The event will also feature a Public Safety dual match between the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and East Fork Fire. All the proceeds from the event will be donated to the Lynch family for a medical life-saving procedure.

“We really wanted to bring back this fun event for the Carson Valley and it’s a great fun way for people to be active and competitive while donating to a great cause,“ said Jen Nalder, Regional Manager at Anytime Fitness. “The more teams we have, the more fun this will be and the more money we can raise to help the Lynch family. Plus winners will get bragging rights for the next year.” — Source

Now do the math. Sixteen teams at $150 each is $2,400 in donations for your teams favorite cause.

Here is the great part. Any sports team can hold a dodgeball tournament in their community!

Virtual golf tournament

With many charity golf tournaments cancelled, postponed or scaled back, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) has launched a virtual event that offers the opportunity for golfers from across the country to raise money for kids fighting cancer while safely playing on their own terms.

During the month of August, participants can creatively raise money for ALSF while playing golf at any course. Ways to raise funds include donating the proceeds of a wager on a difficult hole, donating the fee it would cost to play a round or the amount it would cost to have lunch during each outing. Check out our fundraising tips for more ideas!

Golfers can register individually or as foursomes. Each participant will receive a link to a personal fundraising page where they can easily donate their proceeds online as they play. To make for some friendly competition, ALSF will also track fundraising leaderboards throughout the month and will award the top individual fundraiser with a meaningful prize: framed artwork and a plaque made by a special childhood cancer hero.  — Source

German club sells 72,000 tickets for game in empty stadium

This is hilarious! German third-tier soccer club Dynamo Dresden sold more than 72,000 tickets for a game played in an empty stadium with no fans.

They offered fans the “ghost tickets” — named for the German habit of dubbing empty-stadium matches “ghost games” — for five euros ($6.10) as a way to raise funds for the club during the coronavirus pandemic. Fans could receive a commemorative ticket to keep.

The total of 72,112 tickets sold for Tuesday’s German Cup game against Darmstadt was more than double the capacity of Dresden’s stadium. Only two games in the club’s history, both away games, had more people in attendance, Dresden said. — Source

Do the math on this one… 72,000 tickets X $6 = $432,000!

This could work for any team. Even if you sold only 300 tickets it would be $1,800 for your schools team.

Pembroke girls’ basketball team to host “Shooting for a Cure!” to benefit Roswell Park

The Pembroke High School girls’ basketball team will host the 10th annual “Shooting for a Cure!” event to benefit the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Since its inception, the event has raised $152,000. Officials say it is one of Roswell Park’s largest community-based fundraisers.

Additional ways they raised funds included:

  • You could purchase “Shooting for a Cure!” gear from an online store they set up .
  • Additionally, food trucks were out in the school parking lot the night of the event. They donated a percentage of proceeds to cancer research at Roswell Park

York Police team up to raise money for Special Olympics Maine

This police team set up an ice cream social to raise money for Special Olympics Maine.

Dozens came out to the York River Landing to support the Special Olympics of Maine. This is the first year for this event but York Police tell us they want to make it an annual event.

Organizers tell us they jumped at the opportunity to help because fundraising has been so challenging over the last year and a half because of the pandemic.

Furthermore they also sold raffle ticket s for some jet skis. — Source

You could do this for your local Special Olympics team or any team for that matter.

Twin Falls softball team fundraising for national tournament

 A local softball team in Twins Falls has a chance to play in the World Series. To do so they  hope to raise $35,000 in 10 days for their expenses.

Affiliated through the Babe Ruth league, their tournament is coming up in Treasure Coast, Florida.

“We’re the first Twin Falls team to be able to go to the World Series and so it would be cool to make it, like so other teams want to go too,” explained Maddy Simson.

Kalynn Benson added, “I’ve learned to work hard and continue to get to your goal and achieve things that you thought you would never achieve.”

“Love to get enough money to actually have an experience there, not just going to the hotel or to the field, but really make it a well-round experience,” Detmer explained. “There’s really awesome opportunities to learn more about the game, not only by playing, but going to a baseball game down there, going to the Babe Ruth World Series showcase and learning more about the game.”

They set up  GoFundMe page to raise the money needed. —Source

Lobster Bowl 7-on-7 tournament

This year’s Lobster Bowl will be an all-day event tournament championship game. The eight teams will be split into a pair of four-team pools. Each team will play three games in pool play before a re-seeding that will be followed by a round-robin playoff. Awards and recognition will take place before the championship game.

Fans will be allowed, with admission by donation.

The fundraising effort by the players is all voluntary. “Most of these kids would have three months to fundraise, and we’re looking at about three weeks,” Hersom said. “So we didn’t want to put a big, daunting fundraising requirement on top of everything else they’re trying to balance right now, and we were worried that it might even push kids away from participating.

“So we’ve tried to stress the importance of how badly it’s needed and what that money does for the hospitals and for the families and the patients.” — Source

Climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest at home fundraiser

This is a great idea that can be done for any sports team.

Bradford’s Robert Blacka live streams his charity staircase climb. It’s to help the cancer charity which helped his late mother-in-law

He is climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest at home. Viewers will get to watch him limb up and down the stairs 4424 times in the next three days. That’s around 8848m or 29029ft.

It is in memory of the family’s much loved Maureen Kellett – known by many as Lil Mo – who died this February after fighting cancer.

And just two hours after the climb began, Robert has raised a whopping total of £1000 – a number he hopes to boost in two more 12 hour stints this Easter.

“I will streaming the challenge through Facebook for support and so you can all share the event with me! —Source

Phil lifts his house for charity

This could work for a weight lifting team. It actually could be done for any kind of sports team if you think about it.

Phil has a goal to lift his house, one press up at a time for NHS Charities Together because our NHS are lifting a far heavier load.

He said, “Starting Monday 20th April, I will lift the weight of my house in press ups by the end of the month. You can support our wonderful NHS workers by donating what you can, to show our appreciation of all those who are lifting a far heavier load. I have cystic fibrosis, which like 100s of thousands of others puts me on the shielding list. I’d love to be out and about doing something to help, but staying at home and doing this is what I can do.

I hope to raise a little money, but if watching a middle aged man making a fool of himself brings you or me an ounce of pleasure, then that is also a result.”

How much weight are we talking about?

So a two story house weighs around 275 lbs per square foot. Phil’s house is around 1200 sq ft, so around 330,693 lbs! For a 175 lb man, each press up is around 110 lbs. So his house will be 3,000 press ups, or 300 a day.


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