Fundraiser Parent Letters

Parent Letters for Brochure Fundraisers

Introduction to fundraising parent letters

Fundraising parent letters are critical to raising money. Don’t underrate the importance in the process.  If you are looking to raise money then a well written introduction letter is something you should pay attention to. We have put together Word document templates for your school, mission trip planner, gymnastics coach or other non-profit youth group sponsor to customize. We urge you to take this portion of your fundraiser seriously. Our company has 50 years of experience – we can help make your fund raising program more profitable. Trust us on this, it will improve the money making results.

School Fundraising Letter to Parents

Fundraising letters are the clearest way to share with your membership and participants what the fundraiser is all about. Without a clear and concise letter you are putting your group at a disadvantage – which will cost you money. It is very important to make a list of what is important before you put your fundraising letter together. If you are involved with a non-profit youth group such as a lacrosse team, dance team, drama club, class team, school booster club it is important that you have your goals in place and have a list – we will get to that now.  Finally, learn how to write a compelling fundraising letter on your own.

List for Brochure Fundraising and Parent Letter

  1. What are we raising money for?
  2. How much money are we trying to raise?
  3. How long are we going to run our fundraiser for?
  4. Who are our most important prospects to sell to?
  5. How long are we going to run this fundraiser for?

Sample Parent Letters for your Fundraising Group

Parent Letter Document Choices

Brochure Choice
Editable Parent Letter
Winter Wonderland
Snackin’ in the USA
$10 Poppin Popcorn
Holiday Candles
Gourmet Coffee
$12 Cookie Dough
Gourmet Goodness Smart Snacks Parent Letter (PDF)
Edible Cookie Dough
Perfect Presents
Simply Spring
Springtime Candles
Earth Candles Earth Candle Collection


Please download and customize your fundraiser parent letters and
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