Safe Fundraising

There is nothing more important than the safety of our childrensafe fundraising When running a fundraiser with kids, safety is the most important factor.

Fundraising programs are endless, especially with youth groups, schools, church choirs, sports teams, booster clubs and dozens of other non-profit youth organizations. Always remember to put the safety of the children first and raising money second. Safe fundraising is the only way to raise money for schools.

Types of safe fundraisers

First of all, there are dozens of types of fundraisers that are youth group orientated. Here is a brief list which is only a very small representation of choices and options.

  1. Car wash fundraiser for school groups
  2. Dance-a-thons
  3. Jump roap events
  4. Brochure fundraisers selling git wrap
  5. Silent auctions
  6. Scratch card programs
  7. Selling candy from one of our great selling brochures
  8. Text fundraising programs
  9. Can and bottle recycling
  10. Talent shows

Safety Issues List

  1. Allowing children to be selling products on their own
  2. Working with a company that does not have product liability insurance
  3. Children who are involved in an event that is not properly supervised
  4. Running events in areas know to be dangerous
  5. Selling products that are past their expiration date Safety Issues List

    The key to running and managing any type of youth group fundraiser with regard to safety is to have a good plan, good leadership and to do your due diligence as a sponsor of the event. Fundraisers are a fun and exciting way to meet the financial goals of your non-profit group. The best advice we can offer you is to think it through and keep in mind that your participants are kids. Even though the act many years older than they are and they insist they are mature; well, they might be, but they still need proper supervision and guidance. In conclusion, focus on safe fundraising every time you raise money for kids. You will never regret it.

    If you have any safety concerns please contact us at 800.645.6550