Hockey Fundraising Ideas

Hockey fundraising ideas

List of Successful Hockey Fundraising Ideas

Whether you are a ice hockey mom or field hockey dad, listen closely because we have some great youth hockey fundraising ideas..

Fundraising Zone offers some great tips for hockey booster clubs to raise the money they need.

We hope you find these pro easy sports fundraisers ideas for hockey teams helpful.

Hockey Fundraisers for new Equipment

Hockey players need to come up with money to pay to play.

  • Youth Hockey league registration
  • Ice time to practice or play
  • Replacement equipment like new pucks, hockey sticks, nets, skates, etc.
  • Travel costs to get to the national championships.
  • Tournament entry fees.
  • Registration fees.
  • Gatorade —Got to replace those electrolytes!

Now where will booster clubs come up with the money?  We hope these fundraising ideas for sports can help.

hockey fundraising ideas for team equipment small

Virtual youth hockey fundraising ideas

Here are a few suggestions to think about:

Sell stuff

Just suppose you could earn money for hockey selling stuff people like to buy? Your kids can make up to 50% profit on each item sold.

  • Popcorn
  • Cookie dough
  • Trail mix
  • Snackin’ in the USA

Best of all, you can do this for free! We send you the brochures, and just pay us for the fundraiser merchandise you sell.

Winter Wonderland

Raise funds for sports teams and hockey leagues selling gifts

Gourmet Pop Corn

Sell delicious popcorn for your team

Snackin’ in the USA

Snackin' in the USA brochure


Crowdsourcing allows you to tap into your network to see if everyone would be willing to chip in to help you reach your objective. This works whether you need money for tournament fees or perhaps you’re trying to help a local charity or neighbor in need. Most people like to help out a good cause when they can.

Sell T- shirts and team jerseys

You can either sell team jerseys or fun T-shirts with mottos like these:

  • Eat. Sleep. Hockey.
  • Live. Love. Hockey
  • Proud Hockey Mom
  • Got ice?
  • Hat Trick.
  • feel free to search on Google for even more hockey shirt ideas.

Now, how can you make money with this?

You can either team up with a local T-shirt printer or order online. 


In this fundraiser event, you get sponsors to help you raise money. You can do this for laps around the ice-skating rink or the number of hours you play hockey. Use your imagination to find an angle to even do this virtually if that works for your league.

Hockey derby

If there is such thing as a home run derby, there might as well be a hockey derby!

In this version you get sponsors to donate every time you score a goal. Each player can start with a stack of pucks and swing away. The more goals you make, the more money you raise for your team.

Hockey tournament

Everybody loves a good hockey tournament. You can do this for charity or to raise money for your teammates. You can have parents against kids, or one school versus another school. Remember to sell refreshments to earn extra money.

Have a marathon

People love 5K races. By holding your own marathon, you help your neighbors get exercise while supporting your team. You can either charge an entry fee for everyone, or they can get their own sponsors.

Hockey fundraisers running a clinic or camp

A hockey clinic is a great way to raise funds for your booster club.

Think of all the little brothers and sisters of your hockey players. They look up to their older siblings and probably want to learn how to play too. Additionally there are other kids in the neighborhood that would like to try learning how to play.

  • Ice hockey drills for beginners.
  • One on one drills
  • Goaltending drills.
  • Passing
  • Skating
  • Face-offs
  • Back checking

Additional hockey fundraising ideas for your clinic include:

  • Selling hockey portraits.
  • Creating custom videos to sell to the parents.
  • Creating a hockey calendar with pictures of the kids playing.
  • Print and sell custom hockey cards.

Pizza parties . Do we need to say any more?

Ask a local pizzeria if they are willing to be the official pizzeria for your hockey team. Negotiate a 10% discount or commission for all sales generated.

Bake sales

Hockey players certainly work up a good appetite after a game or two. Booster club moms can bake some homemade goodies to sell and raise extra money.

Golf tournaments

Hockey isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But golf… that is a totally different ball game!

Many golfers would be happy to join your tournament just as an excuse to play golf. Think about local business owners. They can write this off while having fun.

Sports store sale

You can reach out to a local sports store to see if they will work out a fundraising arrangement with your kids. Make up a flyer with your hockey teams name on it and tell everyone about the big sale. Your field hockey club can earn a percentage on every sale made.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Does your hockey team have their own website, Facebook page, newsletter or program?

There are many local businesses in your community that would be glad to pay for advertising space. This can be a fundraising opportunity for your youth little league that you can renew every year.

Online fundraising opportunities for minor hockey teams

The Internet opens many opportunities for hockey booster clubs to raise cash. If you don’t have a website yet, you’re missing out on potential advertising income.

What other opportunities are there online for school sports teams?

For instance, you can raise money setting up something like a “Go Fund Me”page. You can also use social media. Did you know that you could set up an online fundraiser for your team by Live streaming an event on YouTube or Facebook? This is only limited by your imagination.

Additional ice hockey fundraiser ideas…

You can use any of these hockey fundraising ideas to raise funds for your hockey association:

  • Discount cards.
  • Car washes.
  • Silent auctions.
  • Yard sales.
  • Garage sales.
  • Selling tickets to any event you can think of.
  • Sell raffle tickets.
  • Jacks Links beef jerky.
  • Sell a pretzel rod for a buck.
  • Set up a game night for all the hockey families.
  • Dinner and movie card.
  • Dough fundraising
  • Poker nights.
  • Candy fundraisers.
  • Bottle drive.
  • Organize a hockey pool
  • Auction baskets

Have fun mixing and matching these ideas for hockey moms.

Final sports fundraising tips for youth hockey moms

  • Take your time to plan your event.
  • Order your free fundraiser guide.
  • Stick to the plan and hold everyone accountable.
  • Contact Fundraising Zone for your free brochures.
  • Brainstorm additional field hockey fundraising ideas.
  • Set up a fundraiser schedule to raise money for the entire year.
  • Have a kickoff meeting for your volunteers.
  • Keep everyone motivated.
  • Praise everyone for everything they do!
  • Remember that little details matter.