Winter Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Winter Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Winter Fundraising Ideas

Top 3 Winter Fundraisers For Schools: 52% Profit Winter Fundraising Ideas!

It’s winter time and you need to raise money for your school.  We have winter fundraising ideas for schools.

Perhaps you need money for new computer equipment, school supplies, or play ground equipment. Why try to reinvent the wheel by yourself? Our proven winter fundraising ideas can raise the most money for your school.

Are you a parent, teacher or teacher’s aide? Our winter & fall fundraisers have helped PTO’s, PTA’s and booster clubs raise money for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools for over 50 years. We want to help you with your next school fundraiser.

Our Top 3 Fundraiser Items From Our Winter Fundraising Brochure

Our winter themed fundraiser brochure only sells things that your friends and families like to buy anyway. This way you are sure to have plenty of customers.

Does that make sense to you? Your student’s parents will be more inclined to buy something and make a donation to your cause.

Here are our top 3 sellers for schools every winter:

  1. Chocolate candy
  2. Gift wrapping paper
  3. Holiday gifts for kids and moms

Benefits of holding our school holiday fundraisers during the winter time

Imagine receiving the following benefits by using fundraising events you can hold this winter:

  • First of all there are no upfront costs. So, this means this is a RISK-FREE proposition for your school!
  • You also get free brochures that do the selling for you.
  • In addition, we give you free parent letters to send home with each student.
  • Furthermore, your school earns up to 52% on every sale.
  • Finally, your customers will love that we stand 100% behind our fundraising merchandise.
  • And please remember to share your winter event on social media.

In conclusion, you get a full staff of assistance as your amazing winter time fundraiser coaches. This means you will succeed because they promise to share their best winter & holiday fundraising ideas with you.

Why not reach out to us here at 1-800-645-6550?

We are looking forward to helping your school raise funds this holiday season with some of our easy fundraising ideas.