PTO Spring Fundraiser Ideas

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Easy PTO Spring Fundraiser Ideas For Your School

The birds are singing, the sky is blue again and spring is in the air.  This makes it a wonderful time to come up with the perfect PTO Fundraiser ideas. In this article we share some fun PTA & PTO spring fundraiser ideas for your school.

Our easy spring fundraiser ideas can help your elementary school make the most money. In fact, many PTO’s have had success with our spring fundraiser brochure. This even works with middle school fundraisers and high schools fundraisers too.

You need to plant flower seeds early if you want to enjoy flowers later on in the spring. So too, you need to plan ahead if you are going to hold a spring school fundraiser. Just as you can’t “rush” seeds to grow, you can’t rush your fundraising event. If you want to make the most money, you must take time to plan it out. This includes setting goals too. PTA’s that set fundraising goals for their school usually sell more than those that don’t set goals.

Notice what Layla said:

“Our board was so impressed with your company and our school fundraising results that they held a special meeting to plan the next two fundraisers we have on tap for next year. Our group has NEVER had two fundraisers in the same year, so I am very excited at the results we were able to achieve.”

This means our PTO fundraising ideas work.

Take time to plan ahead for your PTO spring fundraiser.

  • Fundraiser committee: Who is going to run, plan, organize & coordinate your school fundraiser event? Set up a committee that can get the students excited about helping. Furthermore, you want people that are detailed oriented to help out with ordering merchandise and product delivery.
  • Volunteers: How many students can volunteer? How can you get them excited about participating? Many PTO’s have had success using our free prize program as an incentive for their students. Additionally, other PTO’s have had success with promising a pizza party for the class with the top sales.
  • Duration: Keep your fundraiser to a 2 week minimum. We have seen people try to hold them longer than this. However, the majority of sales come in the first 2 weeks. In addition, enthusiasm wanes after this point. So, keep it to two weeks and watch your students stay motivated!

Our Spring Fundraiser brochure has something for everyone

Candy, chocolate, magazine subscriptions, flower bulbs and seeds. There is something for everyone in this beautiful brochure. Best of all, your PTO earns up to 50% profit on each sale. However, you pay nothing upfront to start. Simply pay for the product you sell using the money you collect in advance.

Finally, we offer a free exploratory phone call to answer your questions and see how we can help you.

You have our word that we will share some of our best PTO spring fundraiser ideas with you!

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