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Easy Fundraising Ideas For GAA Clubs

Sean & Dylan are brothers that are passionate about their Irish heritage.  GAA Fundraising Ideas will help protect their heritage and help them raise money easily and risk free.

Participating in the Gaelic games here in the United States is a big part of their family culture. They joined the local Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) in their state & now are looking for some easy fundraising ideas for GAA clubs.

They are not alone.

The USGAA tells us that there are 130 adult and youth clubs in 50 cities across the USA with 5388 affiliated members.

Our Best Fundraising Ideas For GAA Clubs Expenses & Travel Costs

It takes money to have a local GAA club, doesn’t it?

After all, Gaelic football is one of the few strictly amateur sports in the world. That means all of the players, coaches, and managers are prohibited from receiving any kind of payment. That also means whether you are playing Gaelic Football, Hurling, Camogie, Gaelic handball or Rounders, you need to rely on fundraisers to help offset some of your costs.

For example:

  • First of all, you need a field for training and playing games.
  • In addition, you need Player Injury Insurance because most towns will require a limited liability insurance policy to use the field. (Let’s face it, players can get hurt playing this sport!)
  • You also have to buy playing/training equipment (Face masks, helmets, a hurley, sliotar, H-shaped goalposts, etc.)
  • Finally, there are team sports jerseys to purchase.

In addition it cost money to travel to participate in tournaments:

  • USGAA youth clubs take part in the Continental Youth Championship (CYC) every July. Youth sports teams travel from all over the USA & Canada to play in this tournament.
  • Junior, senior and intermediate adult teams compete in the County Championship, the All American tournaments & the USGAA Finals playoffs.
  • Furthermore, there are travel costs to the annual USGAA convention.

Good GAA Fundraisers Using Brochures & Catalogs

Here at we have been helping youth sports teams and sports clubs to raise money for over 50 years. Furthermore, some say we have some really easy school club fundraising ideas to try.

Our catalogs make it easy to sell fundraising merchandise like snacks, popcorn and gourmet cookie dough.

  • There are no upfront costs for your club. You simply pay us from the products you sell.
  • In addition, your GAA club earns up to 52% on each sale.
  • We provide free brochures, envelopes and product shipping.
  • You also get free coaching to make your sports club fundraiser a success.

In conclusion, how do we know that this fundraiser will work for your Gaelic Athletic Association?

We love working with youth sports programs all over the country including soccer, youth baseball, lacrosse, youth football etc. Allow us the opportunity to show you how easy this can be.

We have broken this down to 5 simple steps to win the fundraising game. We don’t expect you to believe this on our word, so please check out these success stories here. Prove it to yourself.

We also encourage you to look at some of our bestselling fundraising brochures.

So as you can see, there is something for everyone including pretzels. cinnamon rolls, candy, gift wrap, magazine subscriptions, flower bulbs and seeds. You will see how these catalog fundraisers work as the perfect complement to the traditional table quiz or GAA family fun day fundraiser.

Finally, we invite you to call us for a free GAA fundraiser idea strategy session. Our coaches will help you to select the best fund raiser for your sports club.

We look forward to helping your youth sports team fundraiser a success.

Additional GAA Fundraising Ideas: