School Fundraising Ideas Offering 15 Profitable Catalogs


15 Fundraising Ideas for Schools to Help you Raise Money

Our catalogs and brochures make great school fundraising ideas for non-profit youth groups, cheerleader squads, booster clubs, daycare centers and related associations too.  We help youth groups raise tens of millions of dollars. Additionally, thousands of organizations put their “money-making” needs in us. We also have over  fifty years of experience on our side – because we learned the ole fashioned way, by learning and listening to you. So please consider  brochure fundraising ideas when planning your next fundraiser.  Raise extra money and sell online with our gift catalogs.  Easy catalog fundraisers are risk free and groups have raised millions..!

Fundraising Ideas for Schools & More – Easy Catalog Fundraisers

Our primary mission is providing a “risk free” way for you to raise the money you need quickly, safely and profitably too.  So, we provide you with “top-selling” brochures and catalogs along with prizes, incentives and technology based solutions to make raising money easy and receiving high profits even easier. We also provide you with plenty of proven easy brochure fundraising ideas, tips and suggestions from schools, sports teams and youth groups from all over the country.

Thousands of Groups and Their Causes Trust our Easy catalog fundraisers

Many small to medium sized non-profit youth groups and organizations trust us because we are focused on  fundraising ideas using brochures. Our focus on brochure fundraising dates back decades and we have helped all types of youth associations and “cause-related fundraisers” raise the funds they need.  These also include: band, booster groups, high school groups, church mission trips, sports teams, gymnastics teams, cheerleader groups, humane society groups and also hundreds of others too. Groups and causes turn to because we provide results.


Latest News Update on Yankee Candle Fundraising

It’s sad news now that Yankee Candle Fundraising has closed its doors. However, the good news is that Fundraising Zone has a candle fundraiser that will knock your socks off. It has everything you loved about the old Yankee candle fundraiser. This includes free catalogs, hand dipped candles from right here in the USA and a 40% profit margin on every candle your school sells.

Learn more about the Yankee Candle Fundraising going out of business and our great candle fundraiser alternatives.

Learn how to plan your fundraiser properly

Plan Your Fundraiser Properly

We can give you all the easy brochure fundraising ideas in the world… However, with out a proven plan you will not reach your goal. So, the key to a successful fundraiser starts with planning. Just like the old saying goes, “First plan your work and then work your plan.”

It comes down to this. Either, we plan to succeed or plan to fail. So, please make sure you are taking the time to plan your brochure fundraising program. This can be a little overwhelming at times. So, if you have any questions or want some free coaching, then please reach out to us at 800-645-6550.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this free fundraising checklist.

12 Best Practices for Your Fundraising Drive

  • First, set up a leadership team to take the lead in planning your event.
  • In addition, assign responsibilities to each team member.
  • Do you also have all of the authorization you need to get started?
  • Line up as many volunteers as you can because everyone is to help your cause.
  • So, set attainable goals that will motivate your group to action.
  • What is your fundraising marketing plan?
  • How will you use social media, and also videos and pictures to get the word out?
  • Remember, in addition to reach out to past alumni.
  • So, please schedule a free coaching call with a fundraising expert.
  • Furthermore, select the perfect fundraising brochure for your group.
  • Set up rules to ensure your students stay safe.
  • Finally, get the younger youths excited about learning and pitching in.

12 key points for fundraising success

12 Key Points of Running a Profitable and Easy Product Fundraiser

The success of your fundraiser will often depend on your choice of supplier. Therefore, it is important to pick a supplier that will provide you with all the selling materials and customer support to make your event a success. In addition to that, your attention to the details will certainly make a difference. We have over 50 years of experience – you will be in good hands.

How to Make your Fundraiser a Great Success

  1. So, whether you are running an elementary school, high school group, cheerleader, sports team or any other non-profit group fundraiser you must be able to count on your volunteers and helpers.
  2. Next, set a start and end date for your event.
  3. Remember to also order enough brochures for every member of your school or group.
  4. Send the parent letters we design for you home with the students.
  5. Explain to your students how the prize program works.
  6. In addition, offer a special incentive for the class that sells the most fundraising merchandise.
  7. Make sure you also count all your brochures & prize program sheets upon receipt.
  8. Give yourself a few days after the fundraiser ends to pick up those late orders that will trickle in.
  9. Immediately upon receiving your shipment, inspect the order in full.
  10. Furthermore, keep in close contact with your representative.
  11. Additionally, teach your students to explain what the group is raising money for.
  12. Finally, add our number to your cell phone if you need to discuss your fundraiser – it is 800-645-6550

Important questions your group should ask

Please keep this one thing in mind when choosing a fundraising vendor to work with. Not all fundraiser companies are created equal.

No business is perfect. However, there are some things to look for when selecting the right fundraising company to help your school, gymnastics team, daycare center or non-profit organization.

Pick the wrong vendor and your reputation suffers. For example, if your customers buy poor quality products from you, then they will not be willing to purchase from your fundraising organization again.

Read more tips on putting on the best fundraiser for your school or youth group here.

Run your Fundraiser with a qualified company with experience – Review These Reasons Below:

  • What kind of reputation does the company have?
  • How long have they been in the fundraising business?
  • Do they give you references to check out the company for yourself?
  • Are there customer testimonials for you to read?
  • Do they sell high quality products that they stand behind?
  • Are the products they sell things that people like to buy?
  • Do they give you an extra incentive to help you sell more product?
  • Are there any hidden fees you will have to pay for?
  • Do they have plenty of fundraising brochures to choose from?

Customer support and experience is a must

Run your Fundraiser with a qualified company with experience – Review These Reasons Below:

  • So, what kind of reputation does the company have?
  • How long have they been in the fundraising business?
  • Do they also give you references to check out the company for yourself?
  • Are there customer testimonials for you to read?
  • Do they sell high quality products that they stand behind?
  • Are the products they sell things that people like to buy?
  • Additionally, do they give you an extra incentive to help you sell more product?
  • Furthermore, are there any hidden fees you will have to pay for?
  • Do they share lots of easy brochure fundraising ideas with you?
  • Finally, do they have plenty of fundraising brochures to choose from?

Top 10 reasons when choosing a fundraising supplier

Top Ten Reasons to Raise Funds for your School or Group with

Whether you have a school, church youth group, school orchestra, school band, sports team, gymnastics squad or other non-profit youth group, we treat every customer with respect and consideration. Because your success is important to us.

We want to help you.

  1. Make the most money: Each of our fundraising catalogs has a different profit percentage scale. However, all of them have this in common. The more your fundraising group sells, the more profit you can earn. Some of our most popular fundraising catalogs allow you to make up to 50% profit on each sale.
  2. Free Selling & Marketing Materials: Free brochures to free coaching, we give you everything you need to make your fundraising event successful.
  3. Learn the secret to increase your sales up to 50%: Our free email and texting application is just the ticket. Now your friends and family can also support your good cause even if they live far away!
  4. Free prize incentive program or alternative 2% cash rebate: Most younger participants love our prize program. It gives them an incentive to reach their personal sales goal. Plus, it helps your organization make the most money. On the other hand, some groups opt for the bonus 2% rebate instead. Either way, we are happy to help you reach your goal.
  5. 100% satisfaction guarantee: Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. You are either satisfied or we will find a way to ensure your satisfaction.

It is the only way we have been able to be successful in helping schools, youth programs, and non-profits for over 50 years. That is why we stand behind everything we sell. Simply put, if you are not happy, then we are not happy.

So, please feel free call our office at 800-645-6550 if there is ever a problem so that we can make it right.

Learn 5 more reasons to partner with us on your next fundraiser..!





100% “risk free” way for schools, cheerleader squads, booster clubs, youth sports teams, daycare centers and other nonprofit organizations to raise money for their cause.
  • Earn up to 52% profits
  • Free collection envelopes
  • Computer Tallying of your order
  • Free Brochures (always)
  • Free Shipping for brochures
  • Prize program for every client
  • 100% money back guarantee
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Sign up and Lock in Your Incentives

  • Review our Line of Brochures.
  • You also get to choose free prizes or cash back.
  • Take advantage of our incentives.
  • Confirm timing of your fundraiser.
  • Finally, pick the program that’s right for your group.


Promote your Fundraiser

  • Promote your easy fundraiser with social media posts, photos and video too.
  • Inform participants exactly what fundraiser is for.
  • In addition, you can email friends and family to help support your cause.
  • You can also now sell online using our gift catalogs.
  • Finally, you can create your own unique marketing ideas (we can help.)


Receive your Brochures / Catalogs

  • Free fundraising catalogs of your choice.
  • You get a choice of either free prizes or 2% cash back.
  • You also get customized parent letters.
  • Additionally, you get free collection envelopes.
  • Furthermore, there is no cost for brochures or shipping.


Sell, Sell, Sell and Collect Orders

  • We have over a dozen profitable fundraiser brochures.
  • Parents; bring brochures to your office.
  • Leaders keep tabs on the progress of participants too.
  • Collect all orders and also please keep the money in a safe place.
  • Finally mail, email or call in your orders – we also tally for free.


Receive your Merchandise and Celebrate

  • Tracking information will be sent when order ships.
  • Check your order in. Everything is 100% guaranteed.
  • Distribute individual fundraising orders to all sellers.
  • In addition, congratulate all participants for their hard work.
  • Finally, celebrate and make plans to use all the money you raised…!

15 Profitable Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Groups

Fundraising can be a challenging undertaking even for those who have experienced conducting one before. You may choose to do it on your own or let us take upon the hard work, and you simply collect the profits. Let us help you experience simple and profitable fundraisers.

Finding a fundraising company is easy as there are many competitors out there claiming to be experts. However, the arduousness of finding the legitimate one can be a real challenge. Fortunately, your search is over as you are currently in the right place.

Fundraising Zone has helped thousands of clients and raised millions of dollars for various causes. Five decades of dedicated and honest service is definitely hard to beat.

What Can Over Fifty Years of Experience Brings  you Unique School Fundraising Ideas

With over five decades of experience in fundraising, you are making the right decision in choosing us. We have come across a ton of issues and learned to fix them all. Let us answer all the questions in your mind regarding expert fundraising advice. You may contact us – obligation-free.

Raising money for a cause is not a solo endeavor. You will need the support of family, friends, and the community to efficiently reach your goal. Most of all, you will need our expert fundraising advice to successfully raise your much-needed money.

Expert Fundraising Advice

Probably, the best fundraising advice we can give is to keep it simple. Complicating your fundraising campaign is not just exhausting but may also lead to failure.

You have to keep in mind that complications with the solicitation process are sure signs of incompetence. Beware of organizations or fundraising consultancy firms giving you complex advice.

Remember, Fundraising Zone is here to let you experience simple and profitable fundraisers. Our long experience with raising funds will guarantee your success. Work with us and be an expert fundraiser as well.

Top Four Reasons to Work with Us for School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Zone is committed to your fundraising success, and we will do our best to make it easy for you. Our guarantee to help you facilitate a quick, easy, efficient, and profitable fundraiser.

We offer no fluffs, no fuzz, and no complications but just 100% expert advice. We will guide you every step of the way, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Aside from over fifty years of experience in helping thousands of groups from schools, churches, and other nonprofit organizations, there are other invaluable reasons to work with us.

  1. Get as Much as 50% Fundraising Profit.

As mentioned earlier, we do the hard work, and you get the profits. We offer complete fundraising service packages better than the competition. Depending on what fundraising catalog you choose, you can collect as high as a 50% profit.

  1. Get Complete Fundraising Service for FREE!

Did we mention earlier that you may consult us at no cost? Yes, no obligation. From the consultation to the delivery of your order, it’s all for FREE.

What do you get (for FREE) when you let us help you with your fundraiser?

  • You get brochures, collection envelopes, parent letters (in English or Spanish), and order forms. Plus, the free shipping of these items.
  • Take note that the brochures are professionally designed, printed in full colors, and in high-gloss quality papers.
  • We sort all brochure orders conforming to each participant’s specifications.
  • You can use our online ordering application to boost your sales.
  • You get a detailed sales report for the gift catalog programs.
  • We deliver for FREE for all gift catalog brochure orders with $2500 in retail sales.

With all these things for FREE, what more can you ask for?

  1. No Questions Asked Return Policy.

The most common reasons for returns are missing and broken items. Report within two weeks upon receipt of the orders and shipping fee is on us.

  1. Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction

We have been in service since 1965, and we worked with thousands of groups with full satisfaction. Testimonials from our clients will support this claim. If for any instance that you are not pleased with our service, we are more than happy to help. Feel free to contact us.

Fundraising Groups that We Successfully Helped with Their Fundraisers

We don’t like to brag, but we have proof to show that we have successfully helped more than a thousand groups with their fundraisers. In the United States alone, there are thousands of fundraisers going on every day.

These campaigns are led by various groups from schools, churches, sports teams, medical care causes, and the list goes on. Each association has different causes and fundraising ideas. Their needs can be limitless, but our longstanding expertise has all the answers.

We have every possible fundraising solution for every group. The following are some of the group fundraising ideas we have successfully supported:

  • School Fundraisers
  • Sports Fundraising Ideas
  • Cheer Fundraising
  • High School Group Fundraisers
  • Brochure Fundraising Ideas
  • Church Fundraising Ideas
  • Easy Fundraising Ideas
  • Profitable Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

Learn more about these profitable group fundraising ideas by signing up with us.

15 Highly Profitable Catalog Fundraising Ideas for Schools

There is no doubt that catalog fundraisers are highly profitable. With millions of dollars raised in our fifty years of expertise, we are particularly confident that our catalog fundraisers are the best.

Over the years, we have built reputable relationships with our suppliers. We have carefully picked and proven the quality of our products. Most importantly, we have the most affordable catalog fundraising programs that you can find.

Check out our highly lucrative catalog fundraisers below:

  • Winter Wonderland 2020
  • Happy Spring 2020
  • Poppin Popcorn Fundraiser
  • $8 Caramel Popcorn Fundraiser
  • Snackin’ in the USA
  • Edible Cookie Dough Fundraising
  • Pre-Portioned Cookie Dough
  • Indulge your Healthy Side
  • Ultimate Coffee Collection
  • Gourmet Snacks
  • $10 Cookie Dough
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser
  • Home & Beauty Jewelry Fundraising
  • Gourmet Goodness

We’re here every step of the way, from helping you choose the best fundraiser to the collection of profits. We guarantee service quality to help you realize your goal. Reach us by phone, email, mail, or simply request a free fundraising kit.

School Fundraising Ideas Tips Worth Considering

By now, you probably have the basic ideas on how we can competently assist in your fundraising plans. If you are still hesitant to ask us for expert fundraising advice, we have prepared a few fundraising tips for you. These tips may be few, but they’re definitely worth your consideration.


  • Study Your Fundraising Profitability.


Getting the highest percentage of profit share doesn’t mean that your fundraising is profitable. A $1000 sale with 50% profit share is not as lucrative compared to a $3000 sale with just a 30% profit share. Make sure you do fundraising math before you finalize a fundraising offer.


  • Establish a Definite Time Frame for your Fundraiser.


Depending on how much money you need to raise, you need to set up a timeframe for your fundraiser. Ideally, a fundraiser runs in a span of two weeks.

  • Clearly Define your Fundraising Goals.


It would be helpful if you have a clear definition of your fundraising goal. Let your potential donors or participants know what’s you’re soliciting for. Be sure to include this in your brochures.


  • Be Efficient in Keeping Records.


Order forms are the ones that will bring in profits.  Make sure you efficiently keep records as it may be used as a reference for possible tax implications.

  1. Study your Potential Sponsors or Participants.

Reach out to the community and identify local businesses and business owners who can be potential participants. Have a list of them along with names of friends, family members, relatives, and other community members beforehand.

Having this roster will help you determine a quick estimate of how much sales your fundraiser can make. Additionally, you will have an idea of what products, and how many products you need to order.

100% Positive Feedback

There are many fundraising companies out there to choose from. The challenge, however, is selecting which one is right for your group. We, at Fundraising Zone, strongly believe that working with us is the best decision you will ever make.

Have a look at what our patrons have to say with our services. Find out how our customers loved us. Please check some of the testimonials from our beloved clients.

A testimonial page is a great source of balanced feedback from the clientele. If several positive feedbacks are still not enough to convince you, we are glad to extend our help further.

We’re Here to Help!

Are you still looking for answers? We’re here to help! Fundraising Zone is more than willing to assist you in all regards to brochure fundraisers.

If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, or there are some other questions in mind, please contact us at 800-645-6550. We also have our live chat during business hours. Our Fundraising Help Desk is ready to assist you.

You will not regret working with us. That’s guaranteed 100%. Again, we are here to give you the experience of simple and profitable fundraisers.