Military Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Military Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Military Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Your high school offers ROTC programs for your students. Unfortunately, school budgets will not cover uniforms, medals, ceremonies, dinners and trips. That means it is up to the parents and teachers to raise money to offset these costs. Allow us to share with you some of our easy military booster club fundraising ideas for schools.

Our Best Military Fundraisers Work For All Kinds Of School Programs

More than 3,000 U.S. high schools offer military elective courses. We understand that these classes help to build leadership qualities & prepare students for the real world. We have worked with all kinds of school military programs:

  • Army ROTC
  • Navy ROTC
  • Air Force ROTC
  • Marine Corps ROTC
  • Coast Guard Split Training Program

Our easy school fundraisers work with NROTC, JROTC & AROTC programs all over the country. In fact many military booster clubs are raising up to 52% profit on each every sale. This is a great high school fundraiser.

We offer free booster fundraising brochures to military schools and ROTC programs. Simply show catalogs with pictures of trail mix, popcorn, cookie dough, candy or gift wrap. Your customers pay in advance for the fundraising merchandise. You simply pay us only for what you sell. That means you get to keep the difference as profit. We stand 100% behind our fundraising products, so your customers will love them!

  • No risk JROTC fundraising ideas!
  • In addition, there is NO upfront costs to your school.
  • Your customers will also love that our affordable products that start at only $7.00.
  • Furthermore, we offer free shipping when you meet the minimum order.
  • Finally, it is easy to share your school fundraiser events on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

What is the perfect fundraiser catalog for your military booster?

Well, that depends. You can check our list of catalogs here and then invite you to a free coaching call later to find the best one for your school group. We have brochures for all kinds of school booster club fundraisers.

Patriotic Fundraisers For Your Military Booster Club

In addition to running a catalog fundraiser, we suggest holding another school fundraiser throughout the year. Here are a few ideas:

  • Sell American flags: You can buy these in bulk on Amazon and sell them for a donation. You can also give people a free flag with every order from your cookie dough fundraiser.
  • Military ball: This is like a school prom but just for ROTC members.
  • Veterans dinner: Contact local restaurants and ask them if they would work with you on a dinner fundraiser. Invite local veterans in your community to come tell their stories about how the military helped them grow as a person. You can charge a set price for the dinner and keep a percentage of the profits.

How Can We Help Your Military Booster Club Raise The Most Money?

In conclusion, why not jump on a free coaching call with us? Call 1-800-645-6550 to schedule your appointment. You will not regret it! Finally, we promise to share some of our best military booster club fundraising ideas with you. Your military youth group will be making money before you know it.