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top ten reasons to choose us
Top 10

Brochure Fundraising ” Ten Point” Service Package

1. Fundraising profits
Fall and spring gift catalogs offer a 50% profit margin if your total sale is above $5,000, if less than that, but above $2,500 you earn 45% profit and if the total sale is below $2,500 you will earn 40% profit. The above listed profit structure is exclusive of magazine sales; this profit is 40% regardless. All other brochures, please review individual profit charts – thank you.

2. Free shipping, free brochures, free collection envelopes and free order forms
We provide your group or school with free super-high quality glossy brochures, free prize brochures, free collection envelopes and free order forms.  And, we will ship them to you completely free of charge – always.

3. Online ordering – boosts sales as much as 50% – no added fees.
Do you want to increase sales, makes things easy, benefit from technology – we have the answer. Use our email and or texting application. Send links to friends and family out of town..!

4. Free prizes or 2% cash rebate
We offer a great prize program as an incentive or your group can choose to receive a 2% cash rebate off their invoice – the choice is yours.

5. Free ala’ cart sorting
We pick, bag, mark and sort every gift catalog brochure order for each participant according to your exact specifications.

6. Free customized parent letter (in Spanish too)
We will print your parent letters and insert them free of charge in both languages if you wish.  You can review all of our editable parent letters and customize them. If you prefer we can send you a word document or .pdf which you can print yourself.

7. Free recap of your entire order
We provide you with a free reconciliation report which includes a significant array of information such as: net profit, total sale, top sellers, top class, number of units, etc. This is available for our gift catalog programs.

8. Free delivery of your order
All gift catalog brochure orders valued at ($2,500 retail sales) or more are shipped free of charge; orders for less than that carry a $50.00 processing fee. See separate insert for refrigerated product, costume jewelry and snack brochures and all other brochures in our line.

9. No-nonsense return policy
What more can we say, if it’s missing or broken we will replace it—no questions asked.  Please note; all missing or broken items must be reported within two weeks of receipt of your order; otherwise shipping fees will apply.

10. 100% satisfaction guarantee
We have been in business since 1965 – we have over 50 years of experience servicing schools, youth groups, churches and other non-profit organizations. We stand behind everything we sell and offer to our customers – if you are not happy with any aspect of our service please call our office at 800.645.6550.