12 Easy Soccer Fundraising Ideas

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12 Easy Soccer Fundraiser Ideas that Work

Maybe you typed youth “soccer fundraising ideas” into Google, hoping to find some really good soccer related fundraising ideas. We agree… Raising money for soccer teams and soccer clubs can be difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are our top 5 tips you can use to raise money for your soccer teams or soccer clubs.  We hope you enjoy these school sports fundraising tips.

The sport of soccer is growing fast here is the United States. The youth soccer movement is one of the fastest growing in the nation and provides kids a fun and competitive outlet. In addition to the youth soccer movement, many adults also play in Sunday leagues and in indoor soccer leagues. To be a highly competitive youth team there is a large financial burden that falls on the soccer club and eventually on the parents. From equipment like soccer balls, uniforms, and training tools, to field rental and travel expenses a single season’s expenses can quickly be unmanageable. Many school teams have used our fundraising for soccer trips.

A soccer fundraiser can easily help offset the costs a club incurs. A good fundraiser would be a simple single elimination tournament also known as a soccer shootout fundraiser. The tournament field would consist of seven-man co-ed teams. As mentioned earlier the tournament would be single elimination and each game would be played with two 10-minute halves played on small fields. No referees would be needed unless you want to have parent volunteers referee each game.

Easy Soccer Fundraisers

The soccer club would make money off of both entrance fees for teams and fans and also concessions sold throughout the event. Each seven-man team would be required to pay $70 to enter the tournament and watch the other games. Spectators would be charged a simple $5 entrance fee that would allow them to watch every game throughout the day. In the event of a large tournament the fans and players would be able to come and go as they please.

Organize a Fund Raiser For Your Team

To organize a tournament such as this, the club would only need a few resources.

First, they need to secure fields where the tournament can take place and if possible they should secure a field that has concession stands available for use. The next thing that a club would need is soccer balls, which many teams already have for practice and games. Finally, they need to secure teams to play. Many youth teams can reach out to their many friends and family to arrange teams. Also students can take flyers to their schools and parents can talk to their co-workers.

12 Easy Soccer Fundraising Ideas To Make Money

Additionally, here are a few more youth sports fundraising ideas to try besides the soccer shoot out fundraiser we just discussed. These fundraising ideas for soccer really work.


Have a teacher or coach be the soccer goalkeeper. The students can be $1 or $2 to try and score a goal. Make it a competition for the most goals scored and offer a prize.

Hold a raffle

One of the soccer players parents business to donate a product from their business that you can raffle off to the highest bidder. Reach out to local restaurants for free dinner coupons to raffle off.

Goal derby

This is like a home run derby but only using soccer balls. Have each soccer player stand a specific distance from the goal. Make it far enough that it is a challenge. You will need at least 5 soccer balls for this.

Theme related games

Brainstorm with your coaches and players. Come up with as many soccer fundraiser games that you can think of. Vote on the most popular idea and test it out to see how fun it is.

Raise money for your soccer club using cookie dough

10 dollar cookie dough fundraising brochure. This is a great idea for a soccer fundraiser.This team fundraiser is excellent to cover your traveling expenses. Saving money is important to your team. That is why we provide all of our fundraiser programs for free. From free cookie dough brochures to free shipping for qualified orders we provide it all. There are no money up front required. Your soccer team earns up to 52% on every cookie dough tub you sell. You can even order a soccer fundraising kit here…

Additional soccer fund raising ideas can be to sell discount cards, chocolate bars and use tee shirt fundraising with your school team name and logo.

Should you use a soccer team fundraising letter?

There is no need to write a youth soccer fundraising letter yourself. Because we will be happy to provide you one. In fact, we will even put your logo on the Parent letter for you. This is just another free service in our soccer fundraising program. Feel free to ask us about our free Soccer team fundraising letter.

You might also consider writing a soccer sponsorship letter to local businesses in your neighborhood. Tell them about your soccer fundraising events. Tell them about the publicity they will get buy being your sponsor.

Use Social Media to Get the Word Out

Social media would also be a great place to promote an event like this. On top of that, the club can reach out to the local professional team or to the professional team’s supporters groups which are almost always looking at ways to become involved with the local community. The best time to do this would be on a Saturday or Sunday so there are fewer conflicts with work and school and also because the day can be long depending on how many teams are entered in the tournament.

Here are a few more soccer fundraiser ideas to make more money. During the day the club can sell concessions to fans and players alike. Talk to some of the parents and ask them to big items for the soccer game. One great way would be to use the available products on https://fundraisingzone.com such as $8.00 popcorn or cookie dough. In addition to this the club can have an order form setup from https://fundraisingzone.com where players and fans could buy merchandise to commemorate the day. With proper promotion and participation the tournament will be a success for both the club and its fans.

Now it’s up to you… We invite you to a complementary soccer fundraiser and coaching call. You’re free to ask all the questions you have and we will do our best to answer them for you. By the way, our fundraiser merchandise is perfect for church fundraising too. Simply call the number above and a fund raising expert will answer the phone. Finally, we look forward to sharing some of our best soccer fund raising ideas with you.

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