Group Fundraising Ideas

Group Fundraising Ideas
Great Group Fundraisers

Statement Regarding Group Fundraising Ideas

There are literally hundreds of non-profit group fundraising groups, campaigns and money-raising causes going on every day in the United States.  Some of them will be successful, some will not, we hope that most will.  That said, there is such a need in our country to especially help our youth explore the wonder and splendor of the great outdoors.  Of special interest to both this writer and the developer of is raising awareness of the beauty of nature, preserving our natural resources and especially enjoying the lakes, rivers and oceans surrounding our borders.  Part of that process is the job of being the best stewards of nature we can, for future generations.  To show and lead by example..!

Fundraising Groups and Causes that Need to raise Money

Groups and money-raising causes is what we are built for.  If you’ve kept your eyes open lazing around our site you already know we have 50 years of experience.  We have worked with a busload of different types of fundraising groups; such as school bands, school orchestra’s, Key Cubs, FCCLA groups, Mission trips, raising money for proms, raising money for individuals who need outside support, causes for cancer care, causes for youth sports initiatives.  The list of fundraising causes and fundraising group ideas is limitless.  But we have answers…

We Have Fundraising Solutions for your Group or Cause does its best to provide you and your group the most up to date information and brochure fundraising solutions to help your nonprofit group or cause raise money.  We offer a host of color catalogs which offer something for everyone.  We invite you to review our catalogs and chose which one fits the needs of your particular group or cause.  If you have questions or concerns we invite you to give us a ring at 800.645.6550.

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