Poppin Popcorn Shop

Poppin Popcorn Shop Fundraiser

Item Choices for our “Poppin Popcorn Fundraising Shop” – plus Many More

  • Texas Cheddar
  • Three Cheese
  • Cinnamon Toast
  • Movie Theater Butter
  • Chicago Style
  • Buttery Caramel
  • White Cheddar
  • And, of course, Kettle Corn

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22 Delicious Popcorn Choices – all Guaranteed Yummy

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Detailed Information for our “Popcorn Popcorn Fundraising Shop”

Are you planning a popcorn fundraiser? Our Poppin Popcorn Shop Program allows you to sell gourmet popcorn in 22 choices. Your friends and family get to choose from 10 delicious flavors. Sweet, salty, spicy and chocolate—there is something for every palate. Furthermore, our popcorn fundraising program is great for preschools, cheerleaders, booster clubs, high school groups, sports team and school groups.
So who else is this popcorn program good for?
We have had success with all types of non profit youth groups. For instance, gymnastics teams, cheerleaders, senior prom committees, sports high school booster clubs, school clubs, and church youth groups just to name a few.

Not sure if this will work for your group? Why not call us at  800-645-6550 to see how our popcorn event can help your group earn more money?


Poppin Popcorn 22 Choices
No. of Pieces Profit Percentage
150 – 250 40%
251 – 500 45%
Over 500 50%

Popcorn Shop Fundraising  in 22 Choices – Individual and Family Size

  • They sell for $12 and $18 dollars each. This means almost anyone can support your kids.
  • You also only have to sell 150 pieces to raise money for your cause. This is pretty easy to do because it tastes so delicious!
  • Additionally, most people like traditional popcorn so they will really love our gourmet popcorn!
  • Furthermore, our 8-page brochure has been completely updated with beautiful color photos.
  • Finally, we offer eight delicious flavors and choices. This means almost everyone will buy because there is something for everyone!


  • Texas Cheddar Habanero Gluten Free (5 oz)  Cheddar de Tejas Habanero If you’re a fan or know someone that loves heat, our Texas Cheddar Habanero is the popcorn of choice.  It is a special blend of Habanero peppers with our cheesy cheddar recipe, creates the most delicious taste.  1 Gallon Resealable Bag $10.00
  • Movie Theater Butter Gluten Free (4.25 oz)  Mantequilla de cine Popcorn and butter were made for each other. The toasty taste of corn complements the rich creaminess of butter, and a touch of salt develops both flavors.  Classically delicious…! Half Gallon Resealable Bag $10.00
  • Cinnamon Toast Gluten Free (11.5 oz)  Tostadas de canela Our secret is lots of farm fresh butter, brown sugar and of course real cinnamon! It will bring back memories of your favorite cinnamon toast cereal.  Half Gallon Resealable Bag $10.00

More Fundraiser Popcorn Flavors

  • Buttery Caramel Gluten Free (11.5 oz)  Mantecoso Caramelo A rich and buttery classic that is a favorite for many! Our family recipe uses sweet brown sugar, creamy butter and a cooking temperature perfected to deliver the perfect amount of caramel in every kernel. Absolutely amazing.  Half Gallon Resealable Bag $10.00
  • Three Cheese Gluten Free (5 oz).  Tres queso. Each bite of our three cheese popcorn is guaranteed to satisfy the cravings
    of even the most sophisticated cheddar connoisseurs. Each bag is mixed with our Cheesy Cheddar, White Cheddar and Sour Cream popcorn.  Half Gallon Resealable Bag $10.00
  • Kettle Corn Gluten Free (8.5 oz)  Lightly sweet, a little salty, perfectly crisp and ready for every occasion, a delicious American tradition for 200 years.  Half Gallon Resealable Bag $10.00
  • Chicago Style Gluten Free (8.5 oz)  Estilo de Chicago. A delicious mixture of sweet and salty! A Midwest favorite! We perfected this flavor by combining our delicious gourmet buttery caramel corn and our cheesy cheddar corn to make the perfect snack! Half Gallon Resealable Bag $10.00
  • Cheesy Cheddar Gluten Free (5 oz) Cheddar Queso. Our signature blend of kernels, mixed with our secret blend of gourmet cheeses provides the most delicious cheesy cheddar corn ever! A must try! Half Gallon Resealable Bag $10.00
  • Cheddar Jalapeno Gluten Free (5 oz)  A delicious popcorn with a kick of the southwest! Our secret duo of cheddar cheese combined with a touch of JalapeC1o delivers a bold flavor with just the right amount of heat! Half Gallon Resealable Bag $10.00
  • White Cheddar Gluten Free (5 oz)  Cheddar Blanco. Our special blend of creamy white cheddar coats every inch of our fluffy white popcorn, so no bite lacks in cheesiness. Leaving your mouth in a state of complete and utter elation.  Half Gallon Resealable Bag $10.00

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Special Allergy Note: In conclusion, all products are manufactured in an environment that uses peanuts, wheat and other foods or ingredients that may cause allergic reactions in children or adults.