High School Fundraising Ideas For Schools

14 Profitable Fundraising Ideas for High School

We hope you love these profitable high school fundraising ideas for groups, clubs and teams. First we will share a list of the top 14 high school fundraising ideas we found. Then we will share a list of the many articles we have on how to raise money for high school clubs, teams and group programs.


1- Babysitting fundraisers.

This is a great way to start raising money for your high school beginning this weekend.

There are moms and dads in your community that want to go out on Friday or Saturday night. They need someone reliable and trustworthy to watch their children. Why not offer your babysitting service?

You can first start with your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Tell them you are raising money for your high school and are willing to watch their children for them. Additionally, you can make a simple flyer advertising your babysitting services. Some parents will be happy to use you several times during the month.

Be sure to get referrals from these regular customers because they most likely have friends with children too. This means you can continue to raise money for your high school club or team. Babysitting can be done by either teenage boys or girls. The important thing is that they are responsible young people.

These school fundraising ideas work everywhere there are moms and kids.

2- Battle of the bands 

Music is a very large part of a teenager’s life. Many of the young people probably have bands. So this is a great opportunity to bring them all together.

Every band can play one or two of their favorite songs. You will need an announcer or MC for the program. You can charge a flat entry fee or you can allow people in for free and sell refreshments instead. A modern twist would be to allow kids to vote for their favorite band using their cell phones. At a dollar a vote, you can raise money very quickly this way. Additionally, you can allow the students to vote as many times as they like.

Furthermore you can sell Battle of the Band T-shirts from the back room to everyone in attendance. Finally, have someone record the battle of the bands program. Then you can sell the video and MP3 recordings to raise extra money.

3- Walk-a-thin school fundraising

Instead of having a walkathon, you can try this interesting twist by helping people lose weight. This is great to do after the new year when people set resolutions to lose weight.

Many people eat healthy but cannot lose weight because they don’t get enough exercise. Your walk-a-thin can give them the exact friendly push they need to reach their weight goal this year.

How can you make money with this?

  1. Whether you have a walk-a-thon or a walk-a-thin, you can charge an entry fee to run in the race.
  2. The other way is to get people to sponsor you for every mile you walk or with every lap you walk around the school racetrack.

4- The 5k marathon 

There are many avid runners in your community. Additionally, there are probably many runners in your high school too. After all, jogging and running are popular pastimes among people of all ages. Now it’s your turn to take advantage of this to raise money for your high school.

For instance, did you know there are people in your neighborhood that sign up for 5K runs throughout the year? For example, I know someone that recently signed up for a 5K run in another state.

So if people are willing to go to another part of the country to run in a marathon, why not have your own marathon for your school?

Tired of the same old 5k races?

Try these variations:

  1. Santa run
  2. BVD’s run
  3. Costume run
  4. Elvis run
  5. Zombie run

How can you raise money with a 5K marathon?

There are several ways.

  1. Charge a set fee to enter the race. This fee includes a T-shirt commemorating your fundraiser event.
  2. You can also sell advertising since there will be a lot of people supporting this.
  3. Additionally, you can sell refreshments to raise even more funds.
  4. And finally, you can get sponsors to pay for every mile a marathoner runs.

5- Bike-a-thon

So you’ve tried the walkathon, and now it’s time to include all of the bike lovers out there.

A bike-a-thon is just like a walk-a-thon except people get to ride their bicycles.

You can set up a bike path for the event. Furthermore, you can award a prize for the best time recorded for the biker that wins.

This is another great way to raise money for your high school and get exercise this year. Americans do not get enough exercise today. Especially teenagers that are stuck at home playing video games. These kind of profitable high school group fundraisers promote exercise and good health for everyone.

6- Pajama party school fundraising

So imagine an all day pajama party. Students can pay a small fee to wear their pajamas to school. Years ago no one would even dream of doing this. However many young people like to wear their PJs out in public. This is a great way to earn an extra few hundred dollars every few months for your high school.

7- Video game tournament school fundraising events

There are many teenagers in your school that play video games all night long. In fact if it was up to them, they would play video games 24 hours a day. So why not hold a video game tournament? You could charge an entry fee for anyone that wants to participate.

Additionally you can open this up to the public, as there are many gamers in your community. Finally, we suggest that you award a prize to the winner. 

Here are 7 more school fundraising ideas

8- Cupcake wars

This is a 21st century version of the old-fashioned bake sale. The TV show made this idea very popular.

  1. You can have everyone bring their best cupcakes.
  2. Charge an entry fee for either the cupcake bakers or the tickets for the people that want to try cupcakes.
  3. Award prizes to the best cupcake and the most creative decorated cupcake idea.

Don’t be surprised if this is a big hit with all of your high school students.

9- The 50/50 school lottery

Who do you know that would like to win some extra cash?

Most people would love an opportunity to win some easy money. A 50-50 school lottery is a great way to do this.

How does it work?

Actually it’s quite simple. You sell tickets anywhere from one dollar to five dollars each. Half of the money goes to your high school, and the other half is awarded as a cash prize. Talk to your school officials to see if this is okay to do in your local state.

Now if all of the students in your school sold raffle tickets, then you will sell a whole boatload of tickets this way. Remember to emphasize to people that the more tickets they buy, the better chance they have to win.

Make sure you have a big theatrical drawing night that everyone can attend. You can also do a live stream feed on Facebook or Instagram for your supporters.

Finally, be sure to spread the word on social media this way. Highlight how the 50-50 raffle will help your students this year.

10- American teen idol fundraiser

This is another fun high school fundraiser because there are probably many talented young people at your school.

Your teen idol fundraiser will give the kids an opportunity to shine. Additionally it may provide a wonderful opportunity to give them the exposure they are looking for.

  • Do a live stream on facebook or instagram.
  • Allow people to vote on social media.
  • You can charge a dollar for every vote and encourage people to vote as many times as they like.
  • Make sure you use social media to talk this up as much as possible.
  • Finally, contact the press about your high school fundraising event.

11- Flash mob or dance 

Now this is another fun way for high school kids to make money. This is perfect if you have a high school choir, band or dance team.

How does this work?

You have seen flash mobs on YouTube before. A group of people seemingly out of nowhere appear within a crowd and begin to either sing, dance or play a musical instrument. At first no one knows what’s going on, but within a few seconds everyone is enjoying the show. At the end of the performance everyone applauds.

How can you monetize this?

You can pass the hat around and give people the opportunity to donate to your high school fundraiser.

12- Peer to peer high school fundraisers

Has your high school youth tried peer to peer fundraisers yet?

A peer to peer fundraiser reaches out to all the people you know in your network.

  • Friends and family.
  • Coworkers and neighbors
  • And the friends of your coworkers, neighbors, friends and family too.

People like to help people that they like already. So a peer to peer fundraising event allows you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Please remember that you must have a good reason for raising money. Furthermore, it must help people to feel good about themselves for supporting you.

This works perfect with any of our fundraising brochures and works very well when asking for donations.

13- Fundraising Donations

There are some people that would just rather give you money than to buy something that they do not want or need. So you should always give people a choice and the opportunity to choose for them self.

For instance, someone may not have $10 to buy the cookie dough you are selling. However, they may be happy to give you five dollars to help your cause.

What could your students say?

Keep it simple.

  • We are raising money for this reason. __________.
  • It will help our students to _________.
  • We need everyone to help.
  • Most people donate $10.
  • However we would be happy to accept whatever you can afford to give today.

Crowd sourcing from small donations like this can help you reach your fundraising goals quickly. You don’t want to overlook these simple but profitable high school group fundraisers.

14- Sponsorships

 Here is a secret that many high schoolers do not understand.

You might be surprised to know that there are several small businesses in your area that are willing to sponsor your high school, club, team or event.

Question… Why would anyone want to sponsor your high school?

HINT: You must answer this question before you ask for someone to sponsor you. You must phrase your request in a way that will benefit them.

Here are some possible reasons that may help you find the sponsor of your dreams.

  • Perhaps they were alumni at your school at one time.
  • Show them how by sponsoring your school their business will be promoted by your school.
  • Discuss with them how many people will see the advertising whether it is in print or on the Internet.
  • People like choices. So offer them three sponsorship levels.
  • Offer a special bonus if they sponsor you at a higher level.

Final thoughts about our profitable programs — (BTW they Work for middle school fundraising too!)

We hope you found these 14 profitable high school group fundraisers helpful. They were fun to assemble and we think you will have a blast putting them on as you raise money for your school. We provide free fundraiser programs to help you sell items people like to buy. They are highly profitable. You can learn more about our catalog fundraisers these here.

What will you do next?

Check out these helpful articles below. Then reach out to one of our high school fundraising experts. They are ready to help you!


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