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Easy to Manage PTO Fundraiser Ideas

Who else is looking for easy PTO fundraising ideas that work for elementary schools?

Parent Teacher Organization fund raising programs have played an important role in schools for decades. PTO presidents, fundraising chairpersons, and VP leaders are always looking for profitable and easy ways to raise money for schools.

There are dozens of school fundraising ideas and activities for decision makers to choose from. Some of these fundraisers are great, others, not so good. So how do you know what the best fundraisers are for your school PTO?

The best choice often depends on the particular school, your location, the time you want to invest, as well as many other factors. Does your parent teacher organization (PTO) need a high profit fundraiser?

We can help. We have dozens of ideas for faculty and staff to raise money for schools. So, please request a risk-free fundraising info kit today for your PTO. Simply click on the big blue box on the right side of this page. 


What do PTO’s Need Funds For?

Parent Teacher Organizations need high profit programs and we have a nice variety of them.

Raising money for new playgrounds, sports fields, trips, educational programs, traveling expenses, sports events, community needs programs, etc. takes time, effort and lots of advanced planning. Thankfully, we can assist you on both levels.

PTO fund raising programs with the https://fundraisingzone.com can be extremely profitable. Our line of fund raising catalogs include products such as cookie dough, popcorn, gift wrap, magazines, household items, and hundreds of others.

Why do PTO’s come back to us year after year? We take pride in developing relationships with our fundraising clients and we guide and manage every aspect of their fundraiser. This means less work for them. Our service package for brochure fundraising customers is second to none. Please review our full line of brochure fund raising catalogs and request a free folder of ideas.

Here at the https://fundraisingzone.com we offer parents and teachers solutions that work. We are not saying that other fundraising programs do not work — we just feel our fundraising events are time tested, easy to run, and are 100% risk free. 

Call us for Details and Information for PTO Fundraising

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Looking for some great fundraising options for your PTO?

We take school fundraising as serious business. Our nonprofit fundraising ideas work very well for Parent Teacher Organizations like yours.

So here are a few PTO fundraising ideas you can try. These successful PTO fundraising ideas are tried and true and will help your PTO raise the money that you need. Some are unique fundraising ideas, others are oldies but goodies. Look for ways to combine these and have fun raising thousands of dollars. 

Snackin’ in the USA

volleyball fundraisers selling snacks


Gourmet Popcorn

volleyball fundraisers selling delicious popcorn for your team

Fundraising For Elementary schools

Here are 4 ways to raise money for your elementary school PTO.

#1 – Use Raffles

People love the chance to win a raffle. So sell tickets to raise money for your PTO. What can you raffle off? One middle school near me raffles off a chord of firewood each winter. People line up to get a chance to win a chord of chopped up firewood for only $5. You can do the same thing!

#2 – Collect box tops to raise money.

Some schools have had a lot of success collecting box tops from children’s cereals. Parents are buying these cereals anyway, so you might as well have them bring in the box top when they were done with the cereal. This way your PTO can raise hundreds of dollars a year. This is a no-brainer way to raise money for your school.

#3 –Holiday gift wrap sale

When the holiday season draws near, people are looking to buy presents, gift wrap and bows. This beautiful fundraising catalog sells affordable holiday themed wrapping paper and presents. So simply direct your donors to the brochure and let them pick out a product or two that they like. Our wrapping paper brochure is just perfect for winter fundraisers.  Finally, this is a very profitable PTO fundraiser because your PTO earns up to a 50% profit on every sale.

#4- Book sales.

Parents want their children to learn how to read. So, why not have a book fair? You can have everybody donate their old books to your school. Children can get new books to read for any where from $.50 to a dollar each. This means your school has a successful PTO fundraiser, and your students continue to improve in their reading. By the way, this also works great when combined with a read-a-thon where students get sponsored to read books.

Bonus tip: Elementary school students love a chance to win prizes. We suggest using a prize incentive program to make selling gift wrap fun for everyone.

#5 Hold a shoe drive fundraiser today 

It seems like grade school kids grow faster than parents can get them clothes that fit. They out grow their shoes, sneakers and boots after only wearing them a short time. Why not gather up those gently worn shoes and hold a shoe drive fundraiser. Your PTO gets paid by the pound for every p[air of shoes your kids donates!


Top PTO fund raising suggestions for middle school

#1- Haunted house.

Teenagers like to get scared. So why not set up a haunted house fundraiser this fall? You can set it up yourself or make a deal for a percentage of the ticket sales  for everyone you invite. Try to get as many sign ups as possible. Finally, make it a field trip and invite the whole classroom

#2- Restaurant night out fundraising.

Many families enjoy eating out at least once a month. Why not capitalize on this? Simply contact local restaurants and ask them if they would help you with a fund raiser on their slowest night of the week. Schools do this once a month and it becomes a socializing event that earns the PTO a steady stream of income. Most restaurants will gladly pay you 20% on all business you bring them.

#3- Middle school Walk-a-Thon fundraising events.

Many junior high school students like to play video games or watch TV all day long. This fundraiser gets them exercising outside in the fresh air. Simply get friends and family to sponsor the students based on how many miles they walk. This is a fun PTO fundraiser idea for students and family alike.

#4- Sell Cookie dough.

Kids like to eat snacks when they get home from school. This cookie dough fundraiser could be just what you‘re looking for. Each tub weighs 2 pounds. There are plenty of cookie dough flavors to choose from. Best of all, your parent teachers organization earns up to 50% on every sale. Finally, this is truly a unique PTO fundraiser that can help your school reach its financial goals.

#5- Bonus tip: Use a fundraising thermometer

Set up a fundraising thermometer on your school website. A fundraiser thermometer can keep your volunteers motivated. Set a goal and then promise to have a party or no homework for the weekend if they reach it. One school principal promises to do a crazy stunt if the kids meet their fundraising goal. For instance, he promised to sleep on the roof of the school in his PJ’s! It certainly gets the kids excited about seeing it happen.

Fundraising ideas for  high school

#1- Spirit wear.

Sell t-shirts, baseball caps and sweat shirts with your high school teams logo on it.

#2- Car wash fundraising.

These work well for middle school as well as high school students and sports teams. There is a very low cost to get started. All you need is a bucket, some soap and rags. Have the cheerleaders hold signs advertising your car wash fundraising event to passing cars. You can easily earn a few hundred dollars on a spring day with this popular PTO fundraising idea.

#3- Consider setting up a school store and sell snacks.

The schools that have the most success never sell anything for more than a dollar. They easily earn $50 a day profit. That adds up to $1,000 every month for your PTO.

#4- Gourmet snack fundraising. 

We have several snack fundraiser programs. Snackin’ in the USA is one of our most popular PTO fundraising ideas year after year with high school students. First of all, these are great tasting snacks teen angers like to eat. Additionally, at only $7, almost everyone can afford them. Furthermore, your school earns up to a 50% profit on every sale made. Many schools will argue that this is one of the best PTO fundraising ideas they have tried. Additionally, we also encourage you to check out our gourmet popcorn fundraising ideas too.

#5- Bonus tip: Your volunteers will either make or break your next event. So make them feel like rock stars!

How can you do this?

  • Publicly acknowledge them among their peers.
  • Do this at your next PTO meeting.
  • Furthermore, you can also do this on social media.
  • Send a hand written thank you card.
  • Finally, send volunteer appreciation gifts. They don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Remember it is about helping your volunteers feel needed and APPRECIATED! 

Common FAQ’s

Hope you find these helpful!

What are the most profitable fundraisers for PTO’s?

These are the types of fundraisers that require little or no money up front. School fundraisers that make the most money are also those that are easy to sell. This is why our fundraising brochures are so effective.

For instance, popcorn fundraisers or cookie dough fundraisers can help a PTO raise money while they earn up to a 50% profit potential on each sale.

What can PTO funds be used for?

This is up to your school. Parent Teacher Organizations have had success raising money for new computers, library books, school trips, playground equipment and much more.

What are some PTO fundraisers for low income schools?

Great ideas include selling items you get for free or can get with no money down. Look for items you can sell for only a few dollars so everyone can participate. One example would be candy fundraisers that sell chocolate bars. Another might be collecting spare change with a game like penny wars.

What are some PTO today school fundraising ideas with no selling involved?

Think about setting up some fun PTO events. Brainstorm as many PTO event ideas you can think of. Websites like “PTO Today” has lots of good ideas for you to borrow from. You may find a PTO Today article helpful to you.

What are some PTO event ideas?

You can raise money with school dances, walk-a-thons, art shows, craft fairs, talent shows, karaoke night, trivia pursuit night, and bowling fundraisers. All of these are great fundraising ideas for after school programs as well as anything else you might need to raise funds for.

What are the best fund raisers for schools?

We suggest selling things that people like to buy. Make sure they are affordable so everyone can participate.

Finally, make sure you have zero risk for your school PTA. Make sure you have no money out of pocket.

We hope these PTO/PTA tips were helpful to you.

In conclusion, we invite you to please look at some of the fundraising catalogs that we have. Each of them makes excellent fundraisers for school PTO programs. We offer free phone consultations and promise to offer our best PTO fundraising ideas with you.

So call us for details and information for ideas about PTO Fundraising.

Finally, if you would like to discuss your upcoming fundraiser, or if you have questions, then please contact us directly at when you are ready at 800.645.6550.

We have been in business since 1965 – so we’ll be here for you!

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