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10 Golf Fundraising Ideas for Teams

Looking for golf fundraising ideas for your high school team or local junior league?

Welcome to Fundraising Zone— the home of the best high school golf fundraisers!

Are you ready to get to work? We will share some of the most popular kids golf fundraisers that sports teams are having success with.

The golf industry is an $84 billion dollar a year industry. It is filled with avid fans that are ready to spend their money with you to help a good cause.

High school golf fundraisers that work!

1) Sell merchandise

Here are our top three fundraising products for youth golf teams. Imagine earning up to 50% profit on every sale.

  • No upfront costs.
  • Risk free,
  • Get free fundraiser brochures here!
  • Popcorn fundraisers
  • Cookie dough fundraiser
  • Sell Giftwrap.

Winter Wonderland

Raise funds for sports teams and leagues selling gifts

Gourmet Pop Corn

Sell delicious popcorn for your team

Snackin’ in the USA

Snackin' in the USA brochure

2) Sell T-shirts

Sell fun T-shirts to all of the avid golfers out there.

Here are a few ideas to sell shirts:

  • I would rather be playing golf”
  • May the course be with you”
  • Born to play golf”
  • I only go off on days that end in Y”

Your high school team can earn a profit on every shirt sold.

3) Have a golf tournament

Just suppose you held your own tournament.

You can reach out to all of the business owners in your community and tell them about your event. We also suggest reaching out to get free publicity from your local newspaper.

  • Select some tournament games to raise money. For instance, will you do a golf scramble vs best ball?
  • Come up with some fun golf hole ideas to make it unique. Take the time to brainstorm some possible golf tournament gimmick holes to play.
  • We also suggest you come up with some fun golf tournament contests to make it interesting.
  • While brainstorming, think of some golf hole sponsorship ideas too. For instance, how many local businesses in your area might be interested in supporting you? We will discuss more sponsoring ideas down below.
  • Planning is the key. This means making a golf tournament fundraiser checklist. Stick to your plan and your fundraising event will be successful.
  • Finally, remember to spread the word using social media because fundraiser golf can help you raise a lot of money.

4) Offer golf lessons

There are two ways that you can do this.

First of all, you can offer golf lessons yourself. A beginner would be happy to learn from you without having to pay $75 an hour from a professional. This is a win-win for everybody. You can even offer a free 15 minute lesson to see if people like it. Offer a discount to sell a bundle of six lessons.

Now this is the second way you can raise money for your team. Reach out to your local golf course and make a deal to refer people to get professional lessons over there. You can usually earn from 10 to 20% profit on every referral.

5) Miniature golf

This is a great way for a family to spend Friday night or Saturday afternoon together. You can either set up your own miniature golf course, or make a deal with a local miniature golf course in your community.

For simplicity, let’s make believe you made a deal with the local mini golf course in your neighborhood. Let’s say it’s six dollars for every game. If you sell the tickets for a $10 registration fee, you can clear four dollars for every game. For a family of four, you would earn $16 profit from registration fees. By the way, try and arrange ahead of time with the owners for you to sell bottled water to your customers. This is another way to earn additional revenue.

Selling tickets is a great way to earn extra money. For donors that have fun you can sell them on the idea of buying extra tickets to play every month.

6) Charity golf games

Why do charity golf events work so well?

It is because you don’t have to twist a die hard golfer’s arm to take Friday afternoon to spend time at his favorite golf course. Throw in the fact that they can play golf for a good cause, and you can easily get almost any businessman to sign up to play for your charity event. This is a great way to have fun and feel good about helping a good cause in your community.

Does it work? Yes!

Charity golf events are a favorite way for non-profits to raise money. If it’s successful, you can make it an annual golf charity tournament fundraising event. This way you can raise money every year with popular golf events your fans will be glad to support.

7) Pro shop sale

The next suggestion is you can arrange to get a commission for all sales generated by your golf booster club.

You could do this by designing a flyer, using email and texting. We also suggest putting the link on your website and social media sites for people to download the flyer advertisement. In this way your golf team gets credit for every sale.

8) Sell memberships

Just suppose you made an arrangement to get a percentage of all golf course membership sites your booster club sells. You can hold a membership drive by reaching out to everybody that you know that plays golf. Since memberships can run into the thousands of dollars, your students can earn a couple of hundred dollars for each membership sold.

9) Raffles

Sell raffle tickets for your youth sports fundraiser.

You can either make it a general gift basket that might appeal to all kinds of people, or you can make it a golf themed raffle. You can even raffle both kinds of baskets off!

For the investment of a raffle ticket, your friends and family can have a chance to win a prize they probably would never treat themselves to. By the way, you may want to make the price of each raffle ticket affordable. This way people will buy multiple raffle tickets from you.

Simply put— fundraising raffles work.

youth golf fundraising ideas small

10) Golf sponsorship ideas

There are millions of dollars worth of business deals done on the golf course.

Salesmen love to leave Friday afternoons open to spend time on the greens. This is why it makes sense to reach out to find golf sponsors in your community.

  • Need uniforms for your team? Make a deal for free shirts if you put sponsor logos on each shirt.
  • Come up with some golf fundraiser sponsorship levels. People love options so come up with 3 different sponsorship packages.
  • Write a golf sponsorship letter outlining your promotion.
  • Get a list of the golfers that already paid for a membership at the golf course. Doesn’t it make sense that they would like to see their name associated with the golf course? So this is a great place to start your search.
  • Doctors also like to play golf. Maybe they would like to sponsor you. You may want to think about back doctors because sometimes golfers can hurt their backs swinging their clubs.
  • Reach out to a luxury landscaper that could make anyone’s yard look as lush as a golf course!
  • Sell advertising on your newsletter, email blasts, social media advertisements and website ads. Listen closely to this because if you sell sponsorship ad space, you will get reoccurring income each year!
  • You got the idea. Now go get some sponsors.

Additional easy sports fundraisers to try…

Here are some more fundraising ideas to raise money for your students.

  • Silent auctions. Make it a golf gift and you could have a lot of high bidders! Reach out to local businesses for silent auction items. Or you can even auction off a 3-month golf membership!
  • Sell mulligans. Lots of golfers will gladly pay for an opportunity for a do over shot.
  • Car washes.
  • Sell discount cards.
  • Sell trail mix.
  • Try our Snackin’ in the USA brochure and earn up to $4 for every sale.
  • Do a food fundraiser.
  • Bake sales.
  • Sell sponsorship advertising.
  • Rent a caddy!

Final tips to help you have a profitable golf fundraising event

  • Planning is the key. We already talked about the importance of a checklist. We encourage you to use a checklist no matter what kind of sports fundraiser you’re going to have. Then make sure your event organizers stick to the checklist so that nothing important gets overlooked.
  • Brainstorm ideas for fun fundraisers to help your high school golf program. You might be surprised what you come up with by brainstorming together.
  • So why are you raising funds for your golf team? It’s important to clarify this in a way that would move people to want to donate to help your junior golfers. Most people will be happy to donation to a good cause, so it might as well be yours!
  • If this is a school fundraiser, then reach out to members of the other school sports teams to see if they would like to be a part of the fun.
  • Golf booster clubs that make the most money are successful because they plan several fundraising events throughout the year. So while you may consider doing a tour tournament, we also encourage you to look closely at using our school fundraiser brochures too.
  • Additionally, set a financial goal for your fundraiser campaign. Think seriously about publishing your results to your volunteers, booster club parents and team members. For instance a fundraising thermometer can help you to keep everyone excited about your progress.
  • Finally, reward your winners. Hold an award ceremony dinner for the best fundraisers on your team.

Want more successful fundraising tips for youth golf teams?

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