Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas For Schools 1

How Many Of These Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas For Schools Will You Try?

Cancer affects almost everyone these days. This includes teachers, students and families as well. That is why many schools are taking a stand against cancer. Schools across the country have empowered their students to make a difference by fighting cancer. In this article, we will share some of our best Relay For Life fundraising ideas for schools.

We hope you find them helpful!

Dress Down Days School Fundraiser

Here is the first of our Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas for schools to share with you.

So, does your school have a dress code? Did you ever think about holding a dress-down day? This is a very popular school fundraising idea. Your students will gladly pay $1 or more in order to wear their favorite comfortable clothes instead.

You could donate all of the proceeds towards the Relay For Life Program. Your kids will have fun and will be happy to support these school fundraising ideas for cancer.

Principal On The Roof School Fundraiser

Here is the second of the Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas for schools.

Actually this is pretty funny. Imagine having a Relay For Life school fundraiser. Now set a goal, perhaps maybe $2,000, for example. What would happen if your principal promised to sleep on the roof of the school if you met your cancer fundraising goal? Can you imagine the excitement this will generate among the students?

This will make for fun middle school fundraisers and high school fundraisers too.

Go ahead and read how this one school had success with the principal on the roof fundraiser.

Duct Tape Principal to Raise Funds for Cancer Research

Our third Relay For Life Fundraising Idea for schools is a very creative one.

In this fun fundraiser, the school principal volunteers to be duct taped to the wall. So, imagine students having the opportunity to pay money to duct tape their principal! Can you see the long line of students eagerly waiting to duck tape the principal to the wall? You can charge one or two dollars for each piece of duct tape. This make fun school PTA fundraising ideas.

Go ahead and read more about how this duct tape the principal fundraiser works.

Principal Sundae Fundraiser

Our fourth Relay For Life Fundraising Idea for schools is also a lot of fun.

So, can you think back to when you were in school? Now tell me, how much would you have been willing to donate in order to turn your principal into a chocolate sundae? Can you see their face with chocolate syrup pouring down their head? Now imagine the children’s screams of glee and delight to see this happening at your school! As you can imagine, you can also raise a lot of money to fight cancer this way. This for a great idea for elementary school fundraisers.

You can learn more about the principal Sundae fundraiser here.

Dunk A Teacher Fundraiser

The fifth of our Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas for schools is “all wet.” You got to give credit to these teachers and principals at elementary schools all over the country. They certainly are good sports in order to support a good cause like fighting cancer, aren’t they?

In this creative relay for life fundraiser, the student gets a chance to throw a ball to dunk a teacher. Can you see why this will also be very effective to raise money to fight cancer? You probably have many students that will gladly spend their own money to see their teacher get dunked!

This will be a fun middle school fundraiser or high school fundraiser.

You can learn more about the dunk your teacher fundraiser here.

How Can you use these Relay For Life Fundraiser Ideas For Schools

In conclusion, we hope these school cancer fundraisers will spark a few creative ideas for you. Each of them will be successful because they are fun.

Furthermore, they work well when complimented with our school brochure fundraisers.

Why do schools all over the country love selling our popcorn, cookie dough and gift wrap? Let me ask you…

How does earning up to a 52% profit sound with no risk to your school?

Believe us when we tell you that these work well when raising money for cancer, because you are helping people buy the things they love to eat and will probably buy anyway at their favorite grocery store.

We invite you to a free “no strings attached” phone consultation. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

And finally, we promise to share our best Relay For Life fundraising ideas for schools.

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