PTA Fundraising

PTA Fundraising

 Where can I Find the Best PTA Fundraising Ideas

Looking for PTA fundraisier ideas? We got them for you! However, you might be wondering what is PTA fundraising anyway?

So what are PTA fundraisers?

The Parent Teacher Association has been helping children to get the educational support they need for over 120 years. Today the national PTA is a huge and influential nationwide organization with state and local connections throughout the country. Because many school programs do not get their financial support they need from state government agencies it falls on the school to come up with the money.

So what do PTA’s raise money for?

Every school is different. Our brochures have helped PTA raise money for:

  • Library books
  • Year books.
  • School programs
  • After school activities.
  • Music, Arts, Sports programs, etc

Simply put, PTA fundraising is no longer an option in today’s competitive educational environment.

Either you find a way to raise the money or your students will do without.

The  PTA or Parent Teacher Association is a superb way to raise funds / money for your school and to raise awareness about certain causes.

Fundraising is important to the needs of the children in your community.

Furthermore, we can help make it easy for your local PTA. Our programs involve students and parents alike. So everyone can feel good about contributing and making a difference in your school.

Choosing a PTA fundraiser company to work with

So like any organization your PTA has two choices.

  1. Come up with ideas to raise money on your own. Then try to make this work so it is profitable for the school.
  2. Or team up with a PTA fundraising company that has a reliable track record and proven school fundraising process to follow.

Either way, you will have to make a choice because your students need money for after school programs and classes.

Our fundraiser  merchandise sales may be exactly what you are looking for. For example, at our organization has been helping schools raise money for over 50 years. Additionally, our website has countless choices of fundraising items. For instance, take our $10 tub of cookie dough fundraiser. These cookie dough fundraisers are perfect for a school PTA.

Or think about our $8 gourmet popcorn fundraiser for elementary schools.

  1. Your PTA can earn up to 50% profit on every sale.
  2. No money out of pocket.
  3. No risk for your school.
  4. Your PTA gets to use our free price incentive program to help your students sell even more cookie dough.

Finally, please remember that the PTA can also sell to school teachers. Teachers will gladly buy a box of cookie dough if it means helping the school earn money. Don’t forget to tell people that when they buy the cookies they are helping the school or helping a certain cause.

In conclusion, are you looking for more fundraising resources to help raise money for your PTA? After answering questions from PTA board members from all over the country we know what works. So why not reach out to today? Let’s see how we can make you next PTA fundraising event a success. Start your fundraiser today with a free phone call!

You can get more Parent teacher advocacy resources for raising money for school here: