Why Us?

Choosing the right fundraising company

Choosing the right fundraising company or supplier can be a challenge – there are many choices.  We believe that working with our company is a good decision.  Serving schools for fundraising needs for more than fifty years.  Dedicated to helping schools, sports team boosters, cheerleader squads and other youth group organizations successfully raise money.

Seven Reasons to Choose us List

  1. Amazing Incentives: Prize incentives make selling products very productive. You can get a 2% cash rebate if you opt to.
  2. Five Easy Steps: We make it so easy to run your fundraiser it will seem like it is not even happening. (Ok, well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but honestly, we make it easy).
  3. 50 Years of Experience: In today’s day and age it’s hard to come across a company with that much history.
  4. Ten Point Service Package: Yes, ten great services to make your catalog fundraiser a success.
  5. Customers Love Us: Read some of the dozens of testimonials about our service.
  6. We Stack up to the Competition Pretty Well: Looking for a competitive advantage to a school or similar group in your town?  We have what it takes to have you come out on top.
  7. Great Selling Catalogs: If your non-profit youth group or school wants a brochure that really looks great and sells even better – we have it.