Five Easy Steps

Five easy stepsEasy Path to Fundraising Success

Brochure fundraising success is easy with  It will take you just five steps to go from “we need money” to “we have money”.  Many organizations often ask “What do we have to do – what is the process?  Well, on this page we will explain how it works and what you have to do on your part.

  1. Sign up. 

    Call us at 800.645.6550 or Sign up to run your fundraiser online – it’s super easy and will take less than five minutes.

  2. Receive Your Brochures.

    In this step we send you the brochures you will be using for your fundraiser. You also get this free stuff:

    1. The customized parent letters we created for you.
    2. Free collection envelopes
    3. Free prize program or 2% cash rebate
  3. Shout Out..!

    We strongly suggest you do a “Shout Out” to your participants during the fundraiser. Send a letter, post on social media, send an email, whatever – keep the participants on their toes.

  4. Collect orders and send them in and pay (sorry).

    Just collect them and send them – we do all the tallying and adding.

  5. Receive your Goods.

    This is the fun part (lol), when you have to distribute the merchandise – it’s pretty easy.  Then, if you’re happy,  hopefully you will sign up with us again to run another fundraiser.

Oh…and I forgot the best part – go buy the thing you ran the fundraiser for and celebrate..!