20 School Fundraiser Ideas

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List of 20 Fundraisers For School 

Are you a parent, teacher, coach, or PTO member that gets frustrated just talking about finding the best fundraiser for schools? You will be glad you found this resource for 20 School Fundraiser Ideas to raise money! From kindergarten to high school we have the perfect product fundraising brochure for you.

Schools in the United States have seen dramatic financial cuts over the previous decade, hurting their opportunity to produce the creative talents of children and grandchildren. And, with a global epidemic raging, public schools in the United States are straining more than ever.

State funds provide for approximately half of all school funding. However, with business revenue down because of the global economic — States are collecting LESS taxes then before. Furthermore, local property taxes on property owners as well as general taxes collected by the federal government are lower because of the pandemic.

Parents want the best education possible for their children. This means more than simply getting a GED or a high school diploma. Educational enrichment programs  and extracurricular school activities play an important role.

Unfortunately, most schools do not get the state funding they need to keep all of their programs up and running. That means that after school programs, school clubs and sports teams need to rely on the community making up the difference. However, since educators and parents are not in the money making business that can present a problem.

Where does that leave teachers?

Many teachers will voluntarily pay hundreds of dollars out of their own pocket to pay for school supplies for their students.

What are PTA members forced to do?  Parent Teacher Associations are scrambling for alternative ways to raise funds for the classroom.  They will try everything from bake sales, dinner events, auctions, raffles, scrip fundraising, gift cards, walk-a-thons to school carnivals. It often results in a lot of work with very little profits to show for it. On the other hand the least labor-intensive way for schools to raise funds are product fundraisers.

School Fundraising Help for Teachers and PTA

This is where fundraising companies can help. But how do you know what the perfect school fundraiser for your students? https://fundraisingzone.com can help. After 50 years in this business, we understand how to help parents, coaches, teachers and the principal generate the most funds. Furthermore, our school fundraising programs are risk free and require no upfront costs for your school.  We have 20 fundraisers for schools that are proven successful.

These can help the school faculty of any kindergarten,  elementary school, middle school and high school. Whether you are looking for ways to support a community charity or to help your kids get the education they deserve— you will find something to help!


You can use the proceeds to fund anything you wish from your cause to your favorite charity

We are committed to helping you make the most income possible. Use the proceeds for what ever you desire. Feel free to look around at our many nonprofit school fundraising tips, suggestions and ideas. Then schedule your free product fundraising strategy session when you are ready.

20 Great School Fundraising Events To Help Your Students Succeed

You will enjoy these school fundraising ideas. The families in your community will love the quality of these fundraising products! Feel free to use online fundraising methods like email, sending a text, websites, video and social media like Facebook and Twitter to advertise your campaign. No fancy Fundraising Software is needed.

Simply show your brochure to your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Remember that door-to-door fundraising and in hand product fundraising sales require adult supervision. You get:

  • Free resources.
  • Helpful training demonstrations.
  • Then demo the catalog presentation so your volunteers and supporters will do it correctly.
Winter Wonderland fundraiser:

This holiday fundraiser is a favorite year after year. And this brochure has it all. Your customers can choose from wrapping paper, gifts and lots of chocolate candy. Your school pays nothing to start & can earn up to 52% profit on each sale. They will be glad to give you a donation. It is no wonder this is a very popular school fundraising idea.

Sell Cookie dough:

Who can pass up the aroma of freshly baked cookies? Each of these cookie dough fundraiser tubs contains 2.7 lbs of fresh cookie dough. Your school club or sports team can get started with nothing out of pocket. Additionally, your families and supporters will love this because it’s a steal at only $12 per tub. They will be glad to give a donation next year too after tasting these cookies! Your friends and family will love the taste along with the value you offer with this free program. And the moms will also love they don’t have to cook or bake cookies to sell at a bake sale!

Snackin’ in the USA:

This is also a proven fundraising winner every year with our PTA’s and PTO’s. Parents and teachers love there is plenty of healthy snacks to choose from. There are 20 items in this brochure including nuts, pretzels, trail mix and chocolates too. We give you free brochures to get started and all you have to do is to pay us from the donation payments you collect.

Quick tip: Set a specific goal and you will sell even more snacks to your community members then you would otherwise. Your effort will be rewarded.

Gourmet popcorn catalog:

What is our favorite school fundraising catalog? Both adults and children enjoy our gourmet popcorn program. There are 10 delicious flavors and it only cost your customers $8 per bag. This free fundraising event is a big hit with school sports teams that make a popcorn sale challenge out of this. Finally, this program is free to start just like all of our other fundraising programs. Now prove it yourself by reading our success stories and then scheduling your free coaching call.

Just pick a day this spring or fall and get started! These all work great in combination with other traditional events during the year. For instance combine these with bake sales, putting on a show or concert and sell tickets, etc. The point is to pick a start day and an end date and get to work. Try this popular school fundraising idea for your next event.

 Programs For All Kinds Of Educational Institutions

High school fundraising ideas:

Your high school needs to get cash and we want to help.

But how do you know which high school fundraising program to try?

We would like to share with you how some students are successfully raising money for sports teams, clubs, programs and charities. You will find them both fun and profitable. They also build life experience to help you get ready for college. Here are a few that people will make a donation to:

  • Shoe drive fundraiser
  • Silent auctions online or by phone or email.
  • Hold a live auction with an auctioneer
  • Car wash
  • Offer to do chores in your neighborhoods. Think about baby sitting, mowing lawns and raking leaves. Charge an affordable fee so people will be glad to donate.
  • Hold a walk a thon
  • Create a Crowdfunding event.
  • Peer to peer fundraising
  • Matching gifts
  • Penny wars or a penny jar.

Elementary School Fundraising:

Your elementary school may need monies for books, computers, supplies, and playground equipment. You want an easy fundraiser that even a first grader can get involved it, right? Parents and teachers also want to choose the best fundraiser so they can earn the most dollars possible.

With so many options available, how can you know which is the perfect elementary fundraising opportunity for your students? Please allow us to help you select the elementary school fundraising program best for you.

Middle School Fundraising:

Your junior high school students need donations too. We provide free fundraising programs for any middle school anywhere in the country. We have many kinds of profitable fundraising events to share with you. Plus you will read what other PTO’s and PTA’s have said about our easy middle school programs helped meet and boost there fundraising goals. These middle school fundraising work well.

Successful Ways To Raise Money for Bands and Orchestras:

Does your junior high school or high school band need funds? How does up to 52% profit sound to you?

Many school bands around the country have enjoyed success with our easy fundraising brochures. Which is the perfect one for your band? That depends on what you are looking to accomplish.

Allow us to show you what the most popular band fundraising program is right now.

Help Your  PTA / PTO Associations Get The Funds They Need:

School budget cuts mean that parent teacher associations have to make up the difference. Your PTA wants to generate the most money, and we have solutions to help.

Our school PTA fundraising events work because they are easy to run. Furthermore, they require no money out-of-pocket. This means that our PTA fundraising programs are 100% risk free for your school.

Ready to learn more?

Parent / Teacher Organizations:

Our PTO fundraiser brochures help parent teacher organizations all over the USA. In fact, they help all kinds of PTO’s including the PTG (parent teacher group), HSA (home and school association) & PCC (parent communication council).

Ready to start raising donations for your school PTO? Learn how our PTO fundraising process can make more money for your school.

Booster Clubs:

Booster clubs help school cheer squads, dance & sports teams need the dollars to help their kids. School administrators can’t help, so that means its 100% up to the parents for raising funds for your school booster club.

You are proud of your children and want to give them an edge in life, don’t you? Our easy booster club fundraising process is great because it can help you get the cash to pay for equipment, uniforms, tournament fees and travel expenses. Boosters love that our all of our fundraising brochures have no upfront costs to get started.

Catholic Religious Education:

A Parochial school needs to collect funds too, don’t they? Bazaars and bingo night can only get you so far. Catholic schools love our fundraising events because there is no money upfront to get started.

Learn how our best Catholic school fundraising events can help you to reach your goals to help your students.

Easy Class Fundraisers:

Our class fundraising suggestions work for all kinds of school classes of any size.  We love working with Juniors and Seniors also to collect the monies that they may need.

Easy options include free brochures and free training, along with high profit margins for your school. Our class fundraising event has helped families like yours for over 50 years now.

DECA Groups:

There are 215,000 DECA members in over 3,500 high schools in the USA. Learn how to pay for DECA programs and conferences using our free fundraising program.

We stand 100% behind our fundraising merchandise. Your customers will love the quality of the fundraising items in our catalogs. Learn more about our easy DECA fundraising campaigns and see how we can help your students become the leaders of tomorrow.

Help Your Drama Club:

It takes a lot of funds to put on a school play production. Your drama students depend on fund raising to pay for the costumes and background drops for their stage play. Our easy drama club fundraising tips can help your promising actors & actresses to put on the performance of their lives. Your drama group earns up to 52% on each sale.

FBLA Group Tips To Raise Cash:

Looking for ways for raising a few dollars for your FBLA school program? Our FBLA fundraising brochures are designed to help the most aspiring future business leaders reach their goals.

Our FBLA fundraising system works great because it helps your students learn how to organize market and sell by themselves. We can help you with all of it, from picking the perfect fundraiser for your school club, to the marketing of your event.

Learn more about how your FBLA group can qualify to earn up to 52% on every sale they make during this school fundraising campaign.

JROTC fundraiser:

Learn our best ROTC fundraising recommendations for your school youth program. This proven military school fundraiser will help your youth group generate the most funds possible. We walk you through each step to help you pick out the ideal fundraising program. Then we show you how your school can earn up to 52% on everything your students sell.

You will find our JROTC school fundraiser advice both simple and easy to apply.


Who is looking for successful library fundraising systems?

We show you how a school can get the funds to pay for library books, computers and additions. These tips and suggestions are yours for the taking. Plus we offer free coaching to help you pick the perfect school library fundraising catalogs for your students. Let us know what you think!


You do an amazing job teaching preschoolers. Unfortunately, you may not get the state funding help you need to run your preschool program. This is where we can help. What is so great about our preschool fundraising recommendations? Find out how simple it can be to earn the cash you need for school and art supplies and see for yourself.

Simple Prom Programs:

The prom will be here for you know it.

Our easy prom fundraising events will help you make a lot of money to use to pay for a band, decorations and refreshments.

Learn all of our best tips, tricks and secrets to raising donations for your next school prom. Your students will have fun with this school fundraiser.

Senior Class:

It’s an exciting time to be alive as a high school senior.

Our best senior class fundraiser programs will help you to get the funds for school rings and senior trips too! These tips are easy for parents, teachers and students alike to implement. Our programs are risk free and require no monies to start. PLUS you get free coaching to help you make your senior class fundraiser a success.

Hey Seniors! Raise Money For Your Yearbook!

It is almost graduation picture time.

Our school yearbook fundraising opportunities are perfect to pay for photographers and yearbook production. Your students can help defray the cost of keeping these high school memories alive using our tried and true suggestions.

Learn how to get free catalogs, product shipping and world-class training to make your yearbook fundraiser a success.

How To Pick The Best Student Council Event For Your Class:

If you are looking to raise cash for your middle school or high school student council, then listen up.

We have the best school student government programs to pay for class gifts, awards and for raising a few dollars for local charities. Students, teachers, parents and families all find our fundraiser programs easy, simple and profitable to run.

Why try to figure this out on your own, when we have proven student council fundraiser tips for free on our website?

What happens next? Lets pick out some no cost fundraising ideas together.

We know you could choose any school fundraising company, like an abc fundraising or even a gofundme for instance. Yet we believe we can help you to reach your goals because of the specific experience we bring to the table. Furthermore, our customer service is second to none. This means you get personalized attention. In other words you are not simply another number. You do matter to us.

You might be wondering…

But what about selling tickets or charging a fee for raffles, masks, scratch card tickets, a card fundraiser or peer to peer fundraising? Our program nicely dovetails with any other events you like to have each year. For you see, most school programs need to rely on several fundraising campaigns during the year.

So, why not give us a chance to see if this works? Pick up the phone and let’s talk. Give us an opportunity to show you how we can help your school. Lets find the perfect fundraising idea for your school.

PTA Fundraising

PTA Parents Read This…

The Parent Teacher Association is a huge and influential nationwide organization with state and local connections throughout the country. The PTA or Parent Teacher Association is a superb way to raise funds / money for your school and to raise awareness about certain causes. Read More…


Easy Public Library Events

A library is one of the most beloved institutions in any community. Mothers bring their toddlers here for their first introduction to the written word. Teenagers find the library a congenial place to do their homework and interact with friends after school. Read More…

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Candy Fundraisers

Candy Fundraisers

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PTA Fundraising Ideas

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Quick Fundraising Ideas

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Online School Fundraising Ideas

Online School Fund Raising Idea

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Winter Fund Raising For Schools

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Military Booster Clubs — Try These Tips!

Your high school offers ROTC programs for your students. Unfortunately, school budgets will not cover uniforms, medals, ceremonies, dinners and trips. That means it is up to the parents and teachers to find cash to offset these costs. Allow us to share with you an easy military booster club fundraiser idea for schools. Read More…

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Exciting PTO Fund Raising Tips

The PTO fundraiser has been a mainstay for parent-teacher organizations for decades. PTO presidents, fundraising chairpersons, VP leaders are always looking for a profitable and easy fundraiser for the school they represent. Read More…

dress code

PTO Spring Fundraisers

The birds are singing, the sky is blue again and spring is in the air. This makes it a wonderful time to come up with PTO fund raiser idea for your school. Our easy spring catalog ideas can help your elementary school make the most money. In fact, many PTO’s have had success with our spring fund raiser brochure. Read More…

Successful PTO Fundraisers For Your School

Successful PTO Fundraisers

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How To Improve Your Email Fundraisers Efforts

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Beyond Bake Sales: PTA’s and the Question of Civic Participation

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Hosting A Coffee Morning

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Good Fundraising Ideas for Schools

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Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Idea For Elementary Schools

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Spring Fundraiser Ideas

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Good Fundraising Ideas for Schools

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Head Start Fund Raising Idea

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Booster Club Fundraiser Ideas

Booster Club Idea For Fundraisers

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Healthy food fundraising

Snackin’ in the USA For Any Booster

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Faith Based Fundraisers

Faith Based Fundraisers For Church This Winter

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Athletic Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

Athletic Booster Club Fundraisers

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Fundraisers For Charter School

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Band Fundraisers Idea

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Best School Fundraising Catalogs

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4 PTO Elementary Fundraisers

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Profitable PTO Fundraisers

List of Profitable PTO Fundraisers For Elementary Students

All of the PTO groups we have helped love that they can earn up to 52% on each sale they make. So, the more product the students sell, the more your school will make. This means your Parents Teacher organization can earn up to $5.20 on every 2-lb cookie dough tub sold! That is VERY profitable, don’t you agree? Read More…

Web Based Fundraising

Web Based Fundraisers For Students

Are you using these 21st century web-based marketing tools to help you with your next small group fundraiser? Take your time and examine each one at a time. Think about how you can begin to use one of these web-based fund raiser tips. Either you keep up with technology, or are left behind by the other small groups competing for your fundraising donors. Read More…

National Honor Society Fundraising Ideas

National Honor Society Fundraisers Idea

Is your local NHS chapter looking for ways to raise donations for a community project? Volunteer service is a great way for student leaders to learn more about the joy of giving back to their community. Hopefully, this will be a lesson that they will take with them through the rest of their life. Read More…

School Fundraisers that Make the Most Money 

School Fundraisers That Make The Most Money

Teachers nationwide are advancing in ideas, development, and their approaches to the learning process. More often than not, however, it’s difficult for them to receive the funding necessary to meet some important education goals. A Fund raiser for school that Works all the time – we offer may options. Read More…

yearbook fundraising

Yearbook Fundraisers Idea

Planning a yearbook takes time so you don’t want to wait until graduation is just around the corner to begin. The cost to print yearbooks increases every year & can get very expensive rather quickly. That is why you need to consider some of our best school fundraising ideas and brochures. Read More…

Best Fundraisers For Clubs

Best Fundraisers For Clubs

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Winter Fundraising Ideas

Learn about the Most Profitable Winter Fundraisers

Your PTA is counting on you to come up with the perfect winter catalog for your school. That is a huge responsibility! If you have to put your reputation on the line with your Parents Teachers Association, then you will want proven candy fundraiser idea this winter, won’t you? Read More…

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Fundraising for Catholic Students

https://fundraisingzone.com offers no-risk fundraising solutions for your school and we offer a full line of programs for catholic and other faith-based private and public school facilities. Our program offers up to  50% profit and more. Read More…

Band Booster Fundraisers

Marching Band Fundraisers – 100% Risk Free

A profitable marching band fund raiser idea is in high demand. Schools need to raise funds for their activities, shows, events, travel expenses and more. There are many ways to raise funds for these needs – we have solutions that are 100% risk free. Read More…

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