Swim team fundraising ideas


Easy Swim Team Fundraising Ideas

Fundraisers are a great way for any team to raise money. Swim teams can  hold fundraising events to help keep the pool in shape, for swimming equipment such as flippers, and to raise money and awareness about a certain cause. These events include swim-a-thons, swim lessons, penny drives, dinners,  swim team fundraising give-a-ways, raffles and catalog fundraising sales.


To raise money for swim meets / swim-a-thons you can sell our Smart Snacks. These smart snacks are a great way to earn money because it meets state guidelines for healthy fundraising and is warm weather friendly. They also retail for $7.00 each and makes 50% profit. Smart snacks are also a healthy alternative to snacking. Instead of a bag of chips try our healthy trail mix and nut options.


A swim -a- thon is a fundraiser in which swim team members ask businesses, family, neighbors and others (prior to swimming). The people that you ask pledge you a certain amount of money for a certain number of laps you swim. For example if someone pledged you $1 per lap and you swam 100 laps they would give you $100.


How to host a swim-a-thon

  • Contact USA Swimming
  • You will need to contact them because they will give you a rules and regulation book.
  • Set a date and location
  • Plan an entire day of activities for everyone that comes to watch can enjoy.
  • Hand out fliers

When the swim-a-thon is over…

  • Give out awards
  • Collect the pledges/money
  • Send out thank you notes


Another fundraising idea for the swim team is to have a swim dinner. At the swim dinner you can have 50/50 raffles as a way to make money for the team . A swim dinner is a dinner where all of the swimmers and their families come together and eat a huge pasta dinner.
How to prepare a swim dinner

  • Set a date and location (For example if you practice at a school you can ask if you can use their cafeteria.
  • Establish a list of things you will need for the dinner and assign each member of the team a meal to bring.
  • Brainstorm with the team members a raffle idea (For Example Gift cards).
  • Spread the word to all of the team member so everyone is included
  • HAVE FUN!!!!   Remember to just have fun these dinners should be fun and exciting not stress full.


Easy ways to raise funds for your school swim team..!