School Fundraising Ideas From Indiana – Walk a thons

School Fundraising Ideas From Indiana – Walk-a-thons

School Fundraising Ideas From Indiana – Walk-a-thons

Who would think a walk-a-thon would be so profitable?

Ask the Newburgh, Indiana school system and they will tell you what they have found firsthand. You will enjoy learning about these school fundraising ideas from Indiana.

Newburgh Elementary school has found the trick to running a successful fundraiser. It involves running an annual walk-a-thon. In fact this is the third year in a row they are running it.

Organizers say it’s a fun way for kids to be active while helping out their school.

The goal is for students to collect donations from family and friends for the special event. Last year the kids raised $16,000. This year they broke their fundraising record by raising $25,000.

What will the money be used for?

With school budget cuts on the rise, elementary school fundraising is essential for elementary schools all over the US. All of the money raised from the Newburgh Elementary walk-a-thon will help pay for school supplies and playground equipment.

How can you use these elementary school fundraising ideas from Indiana?

Is your PTO raising money for your elementary school?

Why not set a date to run your own school walk-a-thon? In fact, you could probably call the PTA at Newburgh Elementary and do an interview with them for your school paper. Once you have a good walk-a-thon blue print, you can host your own event.

Did you notice that this was their third year in a row they have been doing this? If you have a profitable fundraiser then it only makes sense to run it every year, Keep a running list of your past donors so that you can let them know about this years event by email.

A walk-a-thon is a great event to add to your traditional catalog fundraising efforts.

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