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If team spirit fundraising is what you sports league, school group or team is about – then here at Tracy Hamilton Inc. we have answers – because we offer a very nice variety of school & team spirit items.

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Because we are a member of the ASI organization we have access to thousands of different team spirit items to meet the needs of a variety of:

  • Sports teams
  • Football spirit fundraising ideas
  • Band boosters
  • Team boosters
  • Cheerleader spirit squads
  • College spirit drives

PLUS we can also help any other “Team Spirit” organization you may be involved with. So, this means we have everything to help you succeed with your next fundraiser for kids.

It comes down to this, you can either give us a chance to earn your trust, or spend days or weeks researching the competition.

We believe we can help you succeed because we have been helping schools raise money for almost 50 years.

Team spirit fund raising is a great way for your organization or booster club to raise much needed funds and also help develop a sense of “togetherness” for the members of your team, squad or league. And we have a long list of spirit item ideas; one which we are sure will “fit the bill”. So, below you will find just a fraction of the items available for your “team spirit” initiatives:

Team Spirit Fundraising Items

Tee Shirts
Pajama Bottoms
Water Bottles
Spirit Rally Towels
Photo Fleece Blankets
Sports Magnets
Drawstring Backpacks

Team spirit fundraising

Why Choose us for your Team Spirit Fundraising Company?

So, what is so great about working with us for your upcoming “Team Spirit Fund Raising” program? The reason is that we can put together a customized brochure for you and then you can print them locally and hand them out to all the participants. You can either print them in b/w or color – your choice. Additionally, you can them show them off to all the sports team participants, moms & dads, friends, other players, volunteers, anyone on your list..!

Team Spirit Fundraising Groups

Our line of team spirit fund raising items are a great way for your athletic group, sports team, cheerleading squads, etc to raise money and build group awareness: many of the groups we work with include: soccer teams, cheerleader boosters, swimming teams, baseball clubs, collegiate squads, football booster clubs, soccer mom groups, elementary school PTA booster clubs, senior high boosters, junior high school groups and myriad of other team spirit organizations…!

In conclusion, we want to help your school team or youth team. Furthermore, we have plenty of suggestions to share with you. This is because we have been doing this for decades. Additionally, we offer you a free phone consultation to get you started. Finally, we offer you a free fundraising kit to show you all of the options we offer.

So, what do you think makes sense at this point?