Easy Fundraising Ideas For Sports Clubs

12 Easy Sports Club Fundraising Ideas For Kids Clubs, Associations & Leagues

Attention all Athletes! Learn how to raise the most money with our best sports club fundraising ideas for youths.

Who will these ideas work for?

Whether you have local or high school tennis clubs, youth baseball clubs, Junior golf clubs or a Running Club Association— these 12 tips can help you!

Fundraising ideas for sports teams during Covid

dog wash fundraiserDog wash

This is a great sports fundraising idea to earn money while still keeping social distance.

You can arrange to pick up the dog and bring them back to your place to wash and clean them up. Additionally, you can wash them outside of the pet owner’s house as long as the owner stays inside.

  • Have all of your club members make a list of all the pet owners they know and those in their neighborhood.
  • Tell them why are you were looking to raise funds for your club.
  • Offer to wash their dogs for a donation.

Dog Walking

Now that you have a list of dog owners, you could also offer a dog walking service. This is also a Covid friendly fund raiser since you have to walk the dogs outdoors away from other people.

This also is an opportunity to raise money weekly since dogs need to be walked daily.

Some pet owners want to walk their dogs. On the other hand, others do not have the time or the energy to do so. Many feel guilty for not giving their pets the exercise they need. Your offer to help can help them feel like a better pet owner!

Jelly Bean Count

How could you run a jellybean count campaign during Covid?

With a little imagination you can take your camera and video 360° around the jellybean jar. This way people can take their time and try to guess how many jellybeans are in it.

  • You can charge a fee for every guess they make.
  • Additionally, you can encourage people to vote as many times as they like.
  • Finally, you can take the video and you could either post it on Facebook, YouTube, or on Zoom.

Unique fundraising ideas


Many athletes own a bicycle. In this famous money raiser, supporters get sponsors to donate for every mile they ride.

For instance, imagine a “biking across your state” fundraiser. You should be able to generate a lot of free press for the event.

Think also about getting corporate sponsors. Many local businesses would be happy to support a good cause and get free press at the same time.

Fundraising ideas for sporting clubs.


The walk-a-then has raised millions of dollars over the years. It’s popular because it’s a lot of fun and helps people get the exercise they desperately need.

You don’t have to have any special skills or even be very athletic to participate. Additionally, there are many local avid runners that are always looking for a good 5K marathon to participate in.

  • Charge an entry fee.
  • Sell snacks and drinks at concessions.
  • Get plenty of sponsors.

Business Partnership

During the pandemic many homeowners are staying at home. As a result they are looking for ways to make home life more enjoyable. This means they are fixing up the yard, the kitchen, family room and theater rooms.

How can your sports club make money with this?

Find a reputable contractor that you can trust. Tell them you have many people that need home remodeling and upgrades. Ask them if they would be willing to give you a 10% finders fee for all the business you send them.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Luxury landscapers
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Concrete stamping
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Hanging flat screen TVs
  • Surround sound systems

You get the idea, don’t you?

Now generate a flyer advertising all of the home service sales you offer. Tell them how your club gets a percentage of every sale. Send it to all of your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and acquaintances.

You could very easily generate several thousand dollars doing this one thing alone.

Team fundraising ideas during Covid

Video Game Tournament

There are many online video games that you can turn into a competition or tournament very easily. By doing it remotely online, your video game tournament becomes a Covid friendly fundraising idea for clubs.

  • Charge an entry fee for each player.
  • Sell commemorative shirts surrounding the game’s theme.
  • Reach out to sponsors who would like to donate a gift to the winners.
  • Spread the word on social media so all of the video game players in your area can play and support your cause.


How can crowdfunding help your club buy the sports equipment they need?

Let’s say you needed $3000 for a new piece of equipment. Simply find 3000 people to donate a dollar each.

However, most people are generous. So when you tell people why are you raising money and only asked for a dollar, they will often give you much more.

Every dollar adds up when you are crowd funding. It gives everyone an opportunity to contribute by donating a little bit to help your team reach its financial goals.

50/50 Raffle

The 50-50 raffle is also a great way to raise money for clubs. So how does it work?

For every dollar raise, you take .50 cents and put it in the winners pot of money. The more people that donate, the more the winner’s pot of money grows.

  • Be sure to confirm this is legal in your state.
  • Furthermore, make sure you get this approved by your school.
  • Finally, as an alternate twist, you can take 50% of all the raffle tickets sold and buy a fantastic prize instead of giving away cash.

You can raise a lot of money by selling raffle tickets. So remember to include raffles in your fundraising account each season.

Lucrative fundraising ideas

Car Wash

car wash fundraising ideas

This is a very quick way to raise funds for your club on a Friday and/or Saturday afternoon. This is perfect for a spring fundraising event for any sports activity.

What we like about this idea is that all it takes is a couple of buckets, some clean rags, and a little bit of car wash detergent. You can easily raise a couple hundred dollars on a nice afternoon by doing that.

Pine straw sales

Selling pine straw makes for a profitable fundraiser for any sports team or club.

Since pine straw is biodegradable, it must be replaced every spring. So go door to door and take orders for pine straw bales.

How could you make money on this?

  • Locate all the nice subdivisions in your community.
  • Focus on the ones that have pretty landscaping and a well manicured yard.
  • Offer to estimate how many bales of pine straw they will need for their front yard, side yard and backyard.
  • Since this is a service, you can charge a $1 a bale delivery fee and then a $1 a bale for a spreading fee on top of that.

Let’s say the average home in a nice neighborhood will need 40 bales of pine straw. That means you can earn $80 a yard for delivering and spreading it. (By the way it spreads very quickly and does not require any special skills.)

The idea is to get many homes lined up in one subdivision. This way you can have all the straw delivered at one time and then have your young athletes get right to work.

And finally, make sure to make a list of buyers and repeat it again next year!

Sports fundraising ideas during Covid

Candy Sales

Did you know that candy sales are up since the pandemic started? The fact is that when people are stressed, they like to eat candy,

Our free brochures have many different kinds of candy available for every sweet tooth. One look at all of the delicious chocolate candy available and people will be hooked!

  • Most are affordably priced at $10.
  • Sports clubs earn up to 50% of every sale.
  • The brochures also have other impulse gifts and products for them to buy in addition to the candy.
  • This means your kids will earn even more money than if they were just selling candy alone.

Learn more about our profitable candy fundraisers for schools here…

Top 76 sports clubs and associations this will work for:

So what kind of sports club are you raising money for?

  1. Archery
  2. Badminton
  3. Baseball
  4. Basketball fundraising ideas
  5. Billiards
  6. Bowling
  7. Boxing
  8. Canoeing/Kayaking
  9. Cricket
  10. Cross country running
  11. Croquet
  12. Curling
  13. Cycling
  14. Disc golf
  15. Diving (sport)
  16. Dodgeball
  17. Dragon boat racing
  18. Equestrian
  19. Fencing
  20. Figure skating
  21. Field hockey
  22. Fishing
  23. Flying (aviation)
  24. Football (American/gridiron)
  25. Gaelic Football
  26. Golf
  27. GSAA
  28. Gymnastics
  29. Handball
  30. Hurling
  31. Ice hockey
  32. Inline roller hockey
  33. Judo
  34. Karate
  35. Kickball
  36. Kiteboarding
  37. Lacrosse
  38. Mixed Martial Arts
  39. Orienteering
  40. Paintball
  41. Parachuting
  42. Pickle ball
  43. Pistol
  44. Polo
  45. Power boating
  46. Powerlifting
  47. Quidditch
  48. Racquetball
  49. Rifle
  50. Rock climbing
  51. Rodeo
  52. Roller hockey
  53. Rowing
  54. Rugby
  55. Sailing
  56. Soccer fundraising ideas
  57. Snowboarding and skiing
  58. Softball
  59. Squash
  60. Synchronized skating
  61. Synchronized swimming
  62. Swimming
  63. Table tennis
  64. Taekwondo
  65. Tennis
  66. Trap shooting & skeet shooting
  67. Track and field
  68. Triathlon
  69. Tug of war
  70. Ultimate
  71. Volleyball
  72. Wakeboarding
  73. Water polo
  74. Water skiing
  75. Weightlifting
  76. Wrestling

How to get started for free

As you can see we left no stone unturned. We tried to list every kind of club or association your kids play on.

Are you interested in learning more about our sports club fundraising ideas?

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