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Learn how to raise money from these simple  fundraising ideas for bandshigh school band fundraising ideas

Welcome to fundraising zone, the home of simple band fundraisers that make the most money.

Our clients tell us that we offer really easy fundraising ideas for band and music education. By the way, these work well as school band, marching band, pipe band and brass band fundraising ideas too.

So, where do we get started?

First of all, please don’t do this alone.

We suggest getting your band booster club involved. You can get some great high school band booster fundraising ideas here.

Choose an easy band fundraiser…

Imagine picking program that will let your school music program fundraise while earning up to 50% profit on every sale.

Cookie Dough

10 dollar cookie dough cover

For instance, on our $12 cookie dough tub fund raiser, your music program could earn up to six dollars on every sale.

How would it feel earning all the funds that your band needs right now?

Pretty awesome, right?

Gourmet Popcorn

Easy popcorn pleasures fundraising brochure

On the other hand, our gourmet popcorn brochure highlights 8 amazing popcorn flavors that retail for only $8.

How amazing does it feel as your band earns up to $4 for every bag sold?

Pretty darn good, huh?

Gift Wrapwinter wonderland spec 2019

Additionally, what if your school band earned up to 50% on all of the gift wrap they sell during the next holiday season?

How exciting will you be helping your friends and family buy the holiday items they need and get paid at the same time?

Choose a company that specializes in working with musical group fundraising

For example, for the last 50 years Fundraising Zone has helped bands raise money for uniforms, competitions, education and travel expenses too.

That means we can help you too.

Band booster moms love our music fundraising program because it is so easy to follow. After all, you don’t want to have to figure this out on your own, do you?

There are five easy steps to follow and we promise to hold your hand every step of the way. It is in our best interest for you to have a successful band fundraiser. This is because our goal is to work with you next you too!

Use a fundraising letter to find sponsors and donors

You want to get as many people as possible excited about your band fundraising event.

Don’t you?

That is why we suggest sending a band booster fundraising letter.

What should you include in this band fundraiser letter?

  1. Start by telling your story about your band. 
  2. Explain why you are holding a music fundraiser event.
  3. Show them how they can support you to continue your education.

Do you need help writing your orchestra or band fundraiser letter? We’d like to help. For instance, fundraising zone will be happy to design a band booster fundraiser letter for you.

Are there any companies that donate to bands?

Of course there are.

There are dozens of local businesses in your community that would be happy to donate services and products to your band raising event.

You will have to think outside the box a little bit. However, if you can introduce these local business owners to new customers they will be happy to donate to your band.


  1. You can auction or raffle off the services and gifts.
  2. Additionally, you can offer these as a bonus for those that by 10 cookie dough tubs or popcorn bags. Remember that incentives work. This is because sometimes people want the bonus incentive more than the product!
  3. Furthermore, you can get commissions on all products and services sold.
  4. For example, you can host a dinner party for your band at a local restaurant.
  5. Or for instance, there may be a local Realtor that will be happy to make a donation for every new house they list from your introductions.

Additional band fundraiser ideas to schedule in addition to your brochure sales events are…

  • Gofundme high schools band fund raiser.
  • Car washes to help pay for band trips.
  • Fundraising for band uniforms selling pretzels.
  • Host a band garage sale or yard sale.
  • Team up with the football team for playing music at the pep rally.
  • Restaurant dinners
  • Start baby sitting for band.
  • Offer to do yard work including leaf raking.
  • Start an old fashioned bake sales for school band.
  • Put together a discount card for services in your community.
  • Design and sell custom holiday cards.
  • Sell tickets to local shows and concerts.


Are you ready to start earning money for your school orchestra or musicians?

Our band fundraisers make it easy to raise money with fundraising brochures. Image contains 3 bags of money.

We want to help.

You get all the resources you will need to succeed.

So, why not reach out to us for a free coaching call today?

A band fundraising expert will be delighted to answer your questions.

Finally, we promise to share some profitable suggestions, tips and ideas to help you succeed with your next band fund raisers.


Are you curious about our other fundraising brochures?


Learn about our top fundraising brochures for bands today.

winter wonderland spec 2019 jw 231x300

Winter Wonderlnd Brochure

This wonderful winter wonderland fundraising brochure provides beautiful wrapping paper designs, ribbons, candy and amazing gifts for the people that you love. And band members can show these beautiful holiday brochures to their friends and family. They will appreciate how much time you save them from having to go to the store to buy these things themselves. Furthermore, your school band members earns up to 50% on every sale.


Easy popcorn pleasures fundraising brochure

$8 popcorn catalog

Which do you think sounds more delicious? Caramel corn drizzled with chocolate or dark chocolate sea salt caramel corn? The good news is that you can get both with our gourmet popcorn brochure. Your band earns up to 50% on every sale. Believe us when we say your friends and family will love this delicious gourmet popcorn. By the way, don’t be surprised if they buy more than one. Finally, your school band gets free brochures to show your customers.

Snackin in the USA Times Square All

Snacking in the USA brochure


Every year this brochure is one of the most popular selling school fundraising programs we have. Choose from peanut squares, chocolate covered raisins, butter toffee peanuts and much more. These snacks also retail for only eight dollars. This means your friends and family can most likely afford it. School bands earn up to 50% on every sale.


spring brochure cover 500 2019

Simply spring brochure


Young musicians love our spring brochures. This brochure sells beautiful butterfly garden flower mat in all kinds of flower bulbs. Hope your friends and family beautify their backyards in their front yard. it also contains candy and nice gifts for your family. You will also  love the inspirational family mug and the “I love you to the moon and back” pillow. Schools earn up to 50% of the retail price on every sale.


Edible Cookie Dough Cover

Edible cookie dough

Do you remember when you were little helping mom make cookies? Did you also love licking the spoon when you were all done? Of course you did! What makes our edible cookie dough different? It is made to be eaten raw. In other words, you don’t have to worry about eating raw eggs! Is it healthy? There are zero trans fats in this cookie dough. Which means you can eat it raw any time you want! Furthermore, Your customers get to choose from six different delicious flavors. Finally, your band arms up to 50% profit on each sale.


Smart Snacks 12 1

Indulge your healthy side snacks brochure

Tired of your kids eating candy? Many parents want healthy snacks for the kids, don’t they? The smart snacks contain dried fruit, trail mix and nuts. Your band can earn up to 50% on every sale. There is also a very low minimum. Additionally, All you have to do is sell 150 units to qualify for a percentage of the profits. Finally, it only seven dollars almost everyone can afford to support your band this year.

coffee fundraising for gymnastics teamsThe ultimate coffee brochure


Learn how to make money helping people drink coffee. Your customers get to choose from 12 amazing coffee flavors. There is also a little minimum of only 50 units required to earn funds. It retails for only $15 and your school band earns a flat 40% profit regardless of how much you sell.


N 1067 Perfectly Preportioned 4p 1

Pre portioned cookie dough program

Your customers get to choose from 12 amazing flavors. Each order contains 2.7 pounds of cookie dough pre-portioned into the perfect cookie size and shape already. This retails for $17 and your band earns up to 40% on every unit sold.

Cosmetic jewelry fundraiser for cheerleadersHome and beauty jewelry catalog

This is a also a great choice if you have an all girl band. Your customers get to choose from decorative costume jewelry, including earrings, bracelets and necklaces. There’s no cost shipping available with no gimmicks. Your band earns 45% profit on every sale. With over 50 products to choose from you will earn the money you need before you know it.


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