Art Fundraiser Ideas

Art fundraiser ideas

Art Fundraiser Ideas – for Schools and Clubs

Looking for some easy art cub fundraising ideas? Maybe you can relate to this story.

Joan & Maurice are excited about starting a high school art club. They love drawing, painting and hanging around with fellow student artists. Their school doesn’t have an art club yet. That means they need to purchase art supplies, craft supplies, sketch books, canvases, paint, etc.

Joan also thought it would be cool to plan a trip to NYC to see the Museum of Modern Art this summer. So, she turned to Maurice and said, “Where can we find some easy art club fundraising ideas?”

Perhaps, you were wondering the same thing.

Easy Art Fundraising Ideas For Your High School Club

Here at we do one thing and we do it with an artistic flair. We team up with school clubs and give them easy school fundraisers to raise money for their projects and trips.

As an artist you know how powerful a picture can be. The right image can certainly stir up powerful emotions and feelings in others, isn’t that so?

Can you imagine showing brochures with beautiful photos of delicious food that your friends and family LOVE to eat? THINK gourmet popcorn fundraisers, chocolate chip cookie dough fundraisers & sweet and salty snacks.

Now what if the food was top quality & fairly priced?  Do you think your coworkers, neighbors, friends, and family would rather support your fundraiser than the local supermarket? Of course they would!

Is this hard to do? Not at all.

We promised you an easy art fundraiser, didn’t we?

  • YOU get free brochures from us. (If you want help, we will help you pick out the perfect fundraising brochure for your art club.)
  • YOU get free shipping on fundraising merchandise when you meet the minimum order.
  • YOUR art club earns up to 52% on each order.
  • You pay nothing unless you sell something. Just pay for the fundraising products from the money you collect in advance from your customers. Your art club gets to keep the difference as profit.
  • This means that this is a risk-free fundraiser for your school club. Your parents and teachers will be happy to know there are no up front costs to you.

Why not check out some of our most popular fundraising brochures here?

Then check out some of our fundraiser success stories from other schools because this will help you to raise money.

Creative & unique art fundraiser ideas for clubs and Groups

Here are a few more creative art club fundraisers to try. Talk to your art teacher about them because you can use their support.

Sell note cards and T shirts on Etsy.

Take photos of all of your student’s artwork. Show these to all of your classmates, so you can identify the most popular ones. Then make note cards and T-shirts of these popular designs and sell them on Etsy. Your art club gets to earn money on each sale.

Paint donated chairs and furniture.

Go through your basement or garage and look for old furniture. You can also go to garage sales and find old furniture that doesn’t sell. Many times they will give it to you for free if you get it out of their garage.

Then paint these to look like artwork. You can now hold a silent auction fundraiser, or you can go to a furniture store and ask if they will sell it on consignment. It is also a good idea to take pictures and put them on Facebook and other social media.

Paint old bowling pins.

Go to a bowling alley and ask for old bowling pins they are going to throw away. The students can paint them with all different kinds of designs.

Then what you want to do is ask the bowling facility to help you market them to the bowling leagues. You can also offer them a commission for helping you to sell them.

Starving artist sale.

Hold an art show. Furthermore, you can either sell originals or make prints of the most popular paintings and keep the profits.

Hold a cappuccino and paint class.

Finally, there are lots of people in your area that would like to learn how to paint.

Offer to hold a class where you can drink coffee and teach them how to paint. You can also charge an entrance fee or a registration fee in advance.

Are you open to learn more?

In conclusion, where do we go from here?

What if you called 1-800-645-6550 and got a chance to ask all of your questions? We will talk about your goals and help you find the perfect high school fundraiser, as well as share some of our best art club fundraising ideas with you.


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