FBLA Fundraising Ideas

FBLA Fundraising Ideas

List of Profitable FBLA Fundraising Ideas

No doubt the world is changing. As the world changes, so do business practices and trends.  Part of that process is learning about FBLA fundraising ideas to help your group. No matter what the Future Business Leaders of America will be doing in these coming years, fundraising is an inevitable part of what their work will entail. New technology has always had the power to change the way business is done, but one thing that never changes is the need for organized processes. That’s something every future business leader can gain the basic understanding of through participating in a fundraiser.

Whether their commerce structure is based on the trade of traditional cash, bitcoins, barter and trade for goods and services, or clean air and water, the structure and organization of fundraisers will help them apply principles of time and resource management to any business concept.

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Business Lessons Through FBLA Fundraising Ideas Count More Than You Know

It’s easy enough to seek out corporate mentors for your FBLA teens to learn about a particular industry. But what’s the difference between an engineer, doctor and a project manager?

One works in a specialized field where managing resources is less important than having the correct ones to use. Project managers have an understanding of organization and management of resources, so fundraiser organizing can be closely aligned with that.

No matter what field children decide to go into, having a basic understanding of resource management assists them with all areas of life. That’s the best way to describe the importance of putting into practice the principles of organization and execution for FBLA group members.  They will gain the tools they need for a lifetime of success.

https://fundraisingzone.com offers more than simple ways to raise funds for FBLA initiatives.  Our company provides a level of assistance and mentorship that is unparalleled in the industry.

While your students are learning the principles of project management, our company provides the tools you’ll need to organize your fundraiser.  No matter which of our fundraiser brochure options you choose, we ensure that your access to answers is always there.

More Information on FBLA Fundraising Ideas

Will you make these common business mistakes with your next FBLA fundraising ideas?

Here are three (3) common business mistakes made during school fundraising. 

We hope these insights will help you to raise the most money. These lessons will also help your future business leaders of America.

1. How to choose the best school club fundraising programs

One of the biggest mistakes schools make while raising money is choosing the wrong fundraising programs.

School fundraising ideas are a dime a dozen. You can this see for yourself when you google them online.

So one mistake when selecting a school fundraising program is to choose one that requires you to buy your fundraising merchandise BEFORE you begin. This doesn’t make any business sense, does it? After all, you want to raise money and not SPEND money, right?

Furthermore, who wants to be stuck with fundraiser merchandise that you can’t sell? This most certainly will eat into your profits.

2. How to choose the best FBLA school fundraising company

The second business mistake schools make is selecting the wrong company to help them raise money for FBLA clubs.

Therefore, you only want to work with a fundraising company that has no upfront costs. You should be able to get free sales materials, brochures, training and coaching from the fundraiser company you choose.

Your FBLA organization should only pay for the product that it sells. Simply collect payment upfront from your customers. This way your school never has any out-of-pocket costs. After all, this makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Finally, you want school fundraising companies that have a track record of many years of happy customer service. For example, here at https://fundraisingzone.com we have stood behind our fundraising items for over 50 years. See for yourself as you read these success stories from schools just like yours.

3. How to choose the top FBLA fundraising products

The third common business mistake is selling items that no one wants to buy.

For example, let’s say a high school wants to find an easy way that raises money for their FBLA program. They might be unintentionally set up a fundraiser that is doomed to fail right from the start. How embarrassing that would be for the parent suggesting that fundraising product. What do you think their fellow PTA members would say?

So, what can you do to protect your school, yourself and your reputation? The secret is to sell fundraising products that are proven to sell. How do you do this?

Look for fundraising programs that sell items your friends and families purchase already. Doesn’t that make sense? In other words, if they buy these items weekly, they will probably buy them for your school fundraiser too.

Looking for examples?

  • Coffee fundraiser
  • Cookie dough fundraiser
  • Popcorn fundraiser
  • Trail mix fundraiser
  • Gift wrap fundraiser

A secondary business lesson is to pick school fundraiser products that are affordable and that everyone can afford.

For example, our popular gourmet popcorn fundraiser is only $7. This way, you have more prospects to sell to. This makes good business sense.

Finally, you want school fundraising products that are profitable. Our fundraising brochures help your FBLA students earn up to 50% on each sale. In addition, the more you sell, the higher the profit percentage your school will earn.

The Best Fundraisers for FBLA

Finding the right fundraiser is very important. For many reasons some work better than others, but in the end it all boils down to manpower and implementing the most sound system of execution.

Please consider selling one of these products from our brochures, This way you can maximize your fundraising efforts with a proven seller.

Here are some of our effective and successful fundraisers in terms of sponsorship and learning:

Snackin in the USA Fundraising Brochure

Looking underneath the surface is what a good business man or woman learns to be good at. They get into the minds of their customers and find out WHY, not just WHAT they like.

Our Snackin in the USA fundraising brochure offers variety, and that’s the main reason it’s one of our top selling fundraisers. Couple that with plenty of fabulous choices for only $7 and you have a real winner here. This is better than lollipop fundraising because you have options for people that want more than children’s candy. Furthermore, you earn up to $3.50 a sale instead of only 50 cents from a lollipop sale.

Holiday fundraising gift catalog

Do you know anyone that will be shopping for presents and gift wrap this holiday season? Of course you do! That is why this holiday fundraiser is very popular with schools.

There is a wide variety of gifts in this catalog. Your high school club earns up to a 50% profit on every sale. Yes, it even has candy! So, this doubles for gift wrap and candy fundraisers too.

What https://fundraisingzone.com Can Do To Help FBLA at Your School

In conclusion, we hope you found our fundraising tips helpful.

Whether you plan on having a car wash, bake sale, selling gift cards or setting up a haunted house this year, these high school fundraisers will make the perfect compliment to them. They work well for all kinds of school clubs like beta lambda, school sports fundraiser events and church fundraising ideas too.

Our company utilizes emerging technologies and traditional means to help organizations meet their fundraising goals. This is key because in an ever-changing marketplace, students will need hands-on experience with digital and conventional fundraising options.

We mentor our clients every step of the way to ensure a well-planned and thoroughly-executed fundraiser.

Give us a call at 800.645.6550 to schedule an information session and learn how our fbla fundraising ideas can help.