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Raise Funds for your Pay To Play School Sports Team

Schools and schools districts are turning to pay to play. This forces the participants in public school sponsored programs to pay money in order to participate. What can you do to help? We have Pay To Play Fundraising solutions to defray those costs. Furthermore, they are risk-free to get started today.

Pay to play school group or school team fundraising practices are becoming more and more prevalent in schools all across the county. It is a growing trend which has come about by the recession. Now parents are being required to pay fees to have their children participate in extra-curricular activities such as: school band, school team, school sports, school cheerleader teams, etc.

Pay to play band fundraising

School districts across the country view “Pay to play” as a hotly debated subject. And it is causing social outcry from parents and other interested parties. Is it fair to charge parents for their kids to be in the band, on the swim team or a cheerleader or a defensive end on the football team? The US public education system was set up to allow anyone to play… Whether they can afford to pay or not! However, the facts are that “Pay to Play” is here to stay for right now.

Fundraising efforts by school administrators, music teachers, team coaches, school boards, school group leaders, parents, etc are becoming increasingly important. They help offset the costs associated with “Pay for Play” initiatives. If your public school team, group, band, etc is in need of funding then a brochure fund raising campaign might just be the answer. Please click here to request a free fundraising kit today because it’s the first step toward reaching your goals.

Pay to Play Fundraising Solutions

In conclusion, your pay to play program needs to raise money. School teams in elementary, middle and high schools can earn thousands of dollars by running a “no risk” fundraising program. It can help you raise money for children involved in a sport with a “pay to play” format. Our programs can help defray a huge amount of the costs for the children involved. And in many cases can eliminate the cost for the child to play on their team. The best way to offset “Pay to Play” fees would be to run a brochure fundraising campaign. In doing so, the school or group can raise profits up to 50% or more. in addition, you can request free information regarding our “Pay for Play Fundraising” solutions for your school – click here

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