Checklist For Raising Funds For School Marching Band

checklist for marching band fundraiser

   Who else wants a high school marching band fundraising checklist?

Before you start any high school marching band fundraisers, it’s important to know what to do and when to do it. If only there was a checklist for raising funds for your school marching band.

The exact order of your steps does make a difference. Get to these items in the wrong order, and you will be setting yourself up for frustration.

It can be very frustrating when planning a fundraiser for your school marching band. It can also seem very overwhelming especially when you think of all of the steps that are involved. This is where we can help. After 50 years of helping schools raise money, we have come up with a simple system for you to follow.

We hope you find this checklist for raising funds for your school marching band helpful.

Free Checklist For Raising Funds For School Marching Band

  1. Set up a leadership team to help plan your fundraiser. Consider including teachers, band members and booster club parents.
  2. At this time it would be good to assign responsibilities to each member of the leadership team. (Marketing, training, coordinating, etc.)
  3. Do you have the authority to schedule a fundraiser in behalf of the school band? Find out if there are any rules that you need to abide by.
  4. Schedule a brainstorming session with your school marching band booster club. Invite the band members to sit it in as well. You are looking for ideas so the more people you have engaged the better. Do not judge any ideas … you are simply looking for the ideas to flow.
  5. Once you have all of your fundraising ideas, go ahead and vote on the fundraiser event you want to run. You may find several of these ideas useful. We suggest setting up a fundraising schedule that you can use throughout the year. For example, you might want to have a marching band car wash one early spring day, while also scheduling a winter fundraiser selling gift wrapping paper and small gifts. (By the way, our holiday fundraising brochure is perfect for this. If you are curious, we also offer a free consultation to help you pick the perfect fundraising brochure to help your marching band raise the most money).

Additional Checklist For Raising Funds For School Marching Band

  1. How many volunteers do you have? View your volunteers as little salesmen. For example, if you are running a brochure fundraiser, you will need to count how many students you have. This way we can send you the correct number of catalogs for your students.
  2. Set an attainable goal for your fundraising event. Focus on the reason WHY you are raising money and set a goal. Make your goal reasonable or else your volunteers will get discouraged. Furthermore, think about setting up a fund raising thermometer to show your volunteers how you are progressing toward your goal.
  3. How will you use social media and video to spread the message about your fundraiser? Stick to the plan.
  4. Be you sure to tell the reason why you are raising money for your high school marching band. Include this message in all of your marketing, as well as your training of your volunteers. For example if you are raising money for new instruments for your marching band, include this in your story.
  5. Make a list and reach out to former alumni and band players to support your fundraiser.

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How does that sound to you so far? Are you curious at all at this point?

We provide a free coaching call where we will share with you some of our top high school marching band fundraising ideas. We encourage you to reach out and give us a call today. This way we can answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns.

You deserve to have a successful marching band fundraiser. Why try and figure this out all on your own? Now that you have a checklist for raising funds for school marching bands, go ahead and pick our brains.

Please call us because you might be surprised how simple it is to make your job easy.