Spanish Club Fundraising Ideas

Spanish Club Fundraising Ideas

Find Profitable Spanish Club Fundraisers

Easy Spanish Club Fundraisers For Your High School

You understand that you can only learn and understand the Spanish language to the extent that you practice the language outside of the classroom.  Our Spanish club fundraising ideas are ideal – and the programs are risk free.

A Spanish club allows you educational opportunities outside of the classroom to learn more about the Hispanic/Latino culture. Immersing yourself in Spanish cuisine, literature, films and travel is a wonderful way to increase your ability to speak the language. We hope our easy Spanish Club fundraising ideas will help you to raise the money to fund your adventures.

Profitable High School Spanish Club Fundraisers Using Brochures

We work with high school clubs all over the country. We help them to raise money to fund their trips and dining experiences. Our fundraising brochures are the perfect way to do this.

You might be wondering how these fundraising brochures work. We supply you with free brochures that sell fundraising merchandise that people buy weekly.

Think about the goodies you like to buy and snack on at home.

  • Candy
  • Popcorn
  • Cookies/cookie dough
  • Pretzels
  • Sweet and salty snacks

Well we got you covered here. Your friends and family will love the idea that many of our treats are under $10 each.

Take our Snackin’ in the USA Fundraising Program for example. It is a top 5 school fundraiser every year. For only $7 a bag, your customers will get to choose between:

  • Chocolate covered pretzels.
  • Cashew halves
  • Caramel creams
  • Chocolate covered almonds.
  • Peanut squares
  • Neon sour worms
  • Gummi bears
  • Sweet N’ Crunchy trail mix
  • Hawaiian delight
  • Cashew snack mix.
  • Chocolate covered peanuts.

How To Raise Money For Your High School Spanish Club Using Our Brochures

Let’s say you are planning a trip to Costa Rica this summer. It can get very expensive when paying for traveling expenses and hotels. Our brochures can help you to pay for these things.

We provide you with:

  • A risk-free school fundraiser that requires no upfront costs.
  • Free brochures that do the selling for you.
  • You also get free shipping when you qualify.
  • In addition, your club earns up to 52% on each sale.
  • Finally, you get FREE coaching from us because we want you to succeed.

How do we know this works?

Because we have worked with school clubs for over 50 years. We have plenty of FBLA fundraisers, drama club fundraisers and DECA fundraising events under our belt. In fact, you can read some of our success stories here.

Additional Fundraising Ideas For Your Spanish Club

 You can also try these fun Spanish themed fundraiser ideas:

Spanish Restaurant Fundraisers

Just suppose you found a great Latino restaurant that got great reviews on Yelp.

Did you know that Tuesday night is usually a slow night? Just suppose you throw a Spanish dinner fundraiser on that night. Ask them if they would pay you a 20% commission on all sales generated that night.

Soccer Fundraisers

There are many in the Hispanic community that love soccer. What if you held a soccer fundraiser? You could charge an entrance fee for each team for this sports fundraising event. Talk to local businesses to see if they would donate prizes and services. You could also use a portion of the soccer tournament entry fees to award as a cash prize.

Are you getting curious yet?

Why not call us at 1-800-645-6550 so we can answer your questions?

Our coaches are standing by to share some of our best Spanish club fundraising ideas with you. We look forward to helping you raise the money for your club.