Key Club Fundraisers for Group Leaders


Profitable Key Club Fundraiser Ideas

High school is an important rite of passage for every teen ager. And so every parent wants to see their child get the most out of it. While some students participate in social activities like parties and football games, others choose service over socializing. Did you know that the Key Club is the oldest and largest service organization created just for high school students? Its aim is to help them learn about leadership. It acts as a simulation of both government and society to encourage them to become productive members of both.  Key Club Fundraisers – we have the brochures and catalog choices to make it profitable.

Today Key Clubs help:

  • Build strong moral and ethical character
  • Provide service to students, the school, and the community
  • Operate to its highest potential

However, to do this it’s essential for key club fundraisers to have total school and community support. Driving people to your key club fundraiser bridges awareness and support. This way you can reach your goals quickly and easily. Please take these school club fundraiser suggestions seriously.

Establish Fundraiser Goals for your School Key Club

Where do you get started? First of all, determine what specific activity you’re raising money for. Additionally, you will need to know how much revenue to raise in order to reach your fundraising goals. Some ways to show that you’ve established goals is to:

  • Create a revenue thermometer with check points that shows exactly how close you are to reaching your goal. Furthermore, we suggest you update it as often as possible.
  • Additionally, give incentives for students who work hard to surpass their individual goals at every thermometer check point.
  • Furthermore, generate support within the school and community by keeping them posted via social media, newsletters and school announcements. Tell them  how close you are to reaching or passing your key club fundraising goals.

Advertise Your Key Clubs’ Fundraiser

Flyers, sign-up tables, school newsletter announcements, social media, and face to face communication are marketing tools to employ. Use them to advertise your fundraiser to your potential sponsors. Whatever formats you choose to use, make sure it’s visible and contains consistent messaging across all your platforms:

  • Digital
  • Print
  • Verbal.

In addition, if your school’s Key Club has a reliable email list, it’s important to get the word out to them as quickly as possible. Encourage your list to forward the email to their friends. Finally, offer incentives for referrals so they feel compelled to assist with your key club fundraiser.

Get Help From Local Business and Government

While it may be difficult to get your local Governor or Senator to help you spread the word, you might fare better seeking out local lawyers, district leaders, and local business owners to rally behind your cause. While some students may not be aware of all the benefits that Key Club offers its members, many adults in the business and local government arena are fully aware of how important the group’s initiatives are for student leadership and civic development. Some ways to generate their support are:

  • Email local government and business leaders giving them details about your fundraiser, it’s purpose, and ask them to inform their immediate network by either forwarding the email or having your group set up a table at a predetermined location to interact with their public.
  • Furthermore, ask local business owners if you can speak to their patrons outside their stores as they leave to encourage them to support your fundraising cause.
  • Finally, set up fundraising drives with permission at local businesses or government events and functions.

Select One of Our Easy Fundraising Options

Our company has provided the best in product quality and customer service for over 50 years now, and we promise you that same level of care and attention we’ve grown a reputation for having. Our easy brochure fundraisers have helped so many high school groups and civic organizations and your Key Club will be no exception.

Snackin In the USA: a diverse collection of America’s favorite snacks including butter toffee peanuts, Hawaiian Delights, and chocolate covered pretzels, peanuts, raisins, and malt balls. This is a sure shot with all ages because there is something for everyone.

$10 Dollar Dough: no one doesn’t like cookie dough. This fundraiser offers 10 flavors of cookies to choose from.

  • Triple chocolate dough
  • White chocolate macadamia dough
  • Oatmeal raisin dough
  • Sugar cookie dough

Our $10 cookie dough fundraiser is sure to bring in the dough for a sweet prom night. This is because you can earn up to 50% on each sale.

Homestyle Fudge: Did you know there’s such a thing as strawberry cheesecake fudge? And it is so delicious.

Little tasty squares of flavor like:

  • Chocolate
  • Cookies and cream
  • Peanut butter
  • Chocolate walnut

Can you see why this is is one of the top key club fundraisers? Additionally, you can earn up to 50% on every fundraising merchandise sale.

What Will You Do With These Key Club Fundraising Ideas?

In conclusion, let us be your dedicated provider and assist you every step of the way with your key club fundraiser. Our clients tell us that we are the only company that makes total sense in the long-run. Why? We provide tools at your fingertips that streamline the fundraising process. Furthermore we give you many risk-free, easy fundraising ideas to choose from, Finally, give us a call at 800.645.6550 to get started. And let Tracy Hamilton, Inc. set you on the right path for a successful key club fundraiser.