School Trip Fundraising Ideas

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School Trip Fundraising Ideas that Work 

Thanks for checking out our best school trip fundraising ideas.

Think back to when you were in school. Do you remember how excited you were when they talked about the whole class taking a trip? Things haven’t changed much. Students still get excited about taking a school trip, don’t they?

So, that raises a question…. How are you planning to pay for it?

We hope these school trip fundraising ideas are helpful to you!

Here are the top three fundraisers for school trips every year.

They are great for bus rentals and covering the entry fees for the exhibits you want to visit. Whether you are going to the local zoo or to visit a museum, these class trip fundraising ideas can help.

Sell candy

Sell candy with our Winter Wonderland brochureAmerica runs on sugar.

Our chocolate candy fundraiser gives your students the ability to raise all the money they need for trips.

PTAs and booster clubs love the idea of earning up to 50% profit on every sale. So, why not raise money for your trip selling candy?

Sell cookie dough

sell cookie dough and earn up to 50%People like to eat cookies don’t they?  Imagine selling 2 pounds of gourmet cookie dough for only $10.

Additionally, imagine your school earning up to five dollars for each tub of cookie dough they sell. Before you know it, your class will be able to pay for the whole school trip!

How would that feel?

Sell popcorn

Gourmet popcorn fundraisers

Our popcorn fundraisers are very popular with schools. Why is that?

Two simple reasons. First of all, it retails for only 7 dollars.

So, your friends and family will be able to help pay for the trip.

Additionally, the popcorn is delicious. Whether you like hokey pokey or chocolate drizzled caramel corn, there is something for everyone.

High school creative fundraising ideas for school trips

Additional ways to raise money for your high school trips are as follows:

  • Run a car wash on the first warm Friday afternoon or Saturday morning this spring or fall. Advertise it heavily.
  • In the spring, your juniors, Sophomores and seniors can sell pine straw, flower seeds and bulbs. Our spring fundraiser catalog can help you do this while earning up to 50% on each sale.
  • In the autumn, your high schoolers can also rake leaves and bag them to help raise money for school trips.

Middle school fundraising ideas for class trips

Your middle schoolers can do the following things to raise money for class trips:

  • Sell coffee. Just suppose your seventh and eighth graders could earn 45% selling coffee. This is an easy sell because millions of people like to drink coffee, don’t they? You might as well be the one to help them start the morning off with a good ol’ cup of Joe. This is one awesome fundraiser for class trips. Learn more about our coffee fundraisers for middle school here.
  • Sell gift wrap. This is a very popular fundraiser for middle schools. Since it’s around the holiday season, this works well for winter trips like skiing.

Elementary school fundraising ideas that work for school trips

These primary school fundraising ideas can help you raise money to take your elementary students anywhere you want to take them.

They also work for private and religious schools.

  • Snackin’ in the USA. Year after year this is one of the most popular school fundraising ideas we have. Why is this perfect for paying for school trips? PTOs love that it retails for only eight dollars. Your students earn up to four dollars per bag sold. Can you see how this snack fundraiser can help pay for your next trip?
  • Sell Healthy snacks and keep up to 50% on each sale. Parents are concerned about their children eating too much junk food. So, your friends and family will love theses healthy treats. For instance, fruit and fit trail mix, mixed nuts, roasted cashews and more. They retail for only $7 each.

How to raise money for a school trip easily!

So, what’s the easy way to raise money for school trips?

After 50 years in this business, we believe fundraising brochures are the best way to go. Why do we say that?

First of all, your school pays no money out of pocket to get started. So that makes it a risk-free fundraiser for your next trip.

Additionally, we have a proven fundraising program to follow. In other words, you don’t have to figure this out yourself. And furthermore, we will give you all of the free coaching you need to succeed. We gladly do this because we hope to win your business for next year also.

Finally, we stand behind our products 100%. This means you can feel confident about selling these quality products to your friends and family.

Our products also work hand in hand with peer to peer and matching gifts for donations and crowd fundraising campaigns.

When you are ready, we are available for a free conference call to answer all of your questions. Until then, feel free to download your free school trip fundraising kit here.

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