Prom Fundraising Ideas

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Prom Fundraising Ideas

Put on your dancing shoes, order up the limo and find yourself a wonderful prom’s time to have some fun.  But before the festivities begin – there is one thing you are going to need – and that’s money. Prom Fundraising is generally a “once in a lifetime” event, so you want to do it right and raise the money you need for prom favors, prom give-aways, prom limos, scouting for a venue, etc. Fundraising for your school dance; whether it is a junior or senior class prom, is a big task – we have answers and ideas to earn you the money you need. If you are looking for new prom fundraising ideas and or time-tested ones then please review on of our brochure programs. Please click here to request a free fundraising kit today and be on your way to raising the money you need to dance the night away.

We have been providing schools and those in charge of raising money for thier prom with profitable solutions for over 50 years. So, the bottom line is – if you need to raise money for your upcoming prom event – we can help. We offer ten different brochure fundraising programs that will help you raise money for your prom.

Raising money for proms and prom events is not easy – it takes time, planning and good sense. We have some great brochure fundraising solutions. And all of our brochure fundraisers are risk-free.

What some schools will do to raise money for a prom.

  • Some schools will run a beauty contest – and that could be a great way to sell coupons and raise money – and it’s fun.
  • Another idea to raise money is to hold a free throw basketball contest. And at the contest you can sell chocolate bars.
  • Schools sometimes will host walk-a-thons or jump rope contests.
  • What we think is a great idea is a school concert. This way, the school band or chorus can get to perform for something they can directly benefit from.

Our line of fund raising catalogs include a variety of products such as cookie dough, fudge, pretzels, gift wrap, snacks, sweets and chocolates. Additionally, we take pride in developing relationships with our fundraising clients and we manage every aspect of their fundraiser. Our sevice package for brochure fundraising customers is second to none. Please review our full line of brochure fund raising catalogs, click here for details.

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