Flavored Popcorn Fundraisers For Cheer Leaders


Flavored Popcorn Fundraisers For Cheer Leaders

Hey cheerleaders…Why settle for plain popcorn when you can try our flavored popcorn fundraisers ?

You work hard when choreographing new cheer routines, don’t you?  Similarly, you have to spend time planning your flavored popcorn fundraisers.

Here are just a few tips to make your next cheer fundraising event a success.

Choose a flavored popcorn fundraising company to work with.

Here at fundraisingzone.com, our cheerleader popcorn fundraiser has plenty of flavors to choose from. In fact, there is something for everyone in our $12 poppin  popcorn fundraising brochure.

Here are some of the top popcorn flavors your customers will enjoy.

  • Caramel corn: Gourmet popcorn made with creamy butter in old-fashioned kettles. This is an all time favorite. All of our popcorn flavors start with this original recipe.
  • Caramel corn with chocolate drizzle: Do we need to say anything more? Simply, look at the brochure and you will want to order some for yourself!
  • Chicago style: This is the perfect combo of cheese popcorn with salty sweet caramel popcorn.
  • Mowy Wowy: Picture caramel corn PLUS delicious macadamia nuts. It tastes even better than you imagine.
  • Caramel apple: We take caramel corn and add apple bits and cinnamon. Try it for yourself and see why people love this flavor.
  • Hokey Pokey: This time we combine caramel corn with cashews, pecans and almonds. This is great for extra protein.
  • Caramel popcorn with peanuts: The name says it all, doesn’t it?
  • Blazing Chicago Style: Take our Chicago style popcorn and add SPICY ingredients. If you love hot and spicy, then you need to give this gourmet popcorn a try.

Order your popcorn fundraising brochures today!

Finally, call 1-800-645-6550 to order your cheer fundraising brochures.

One of our coaches will walk you through how our easy program works. You will love that there are no upfront costs to start raising money for your cheerleaders.  This means you only pay for fundraising merchandise AFTER you sell it. In other words, your customers fund your fundraiser for you!

In conclusion, we have plenty of ideas, tips and suggestions to make your next flavored popcorn fundraising event a success.