Fundraising Help Desk

Fundraising Help DeskFundraising Help Desk
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Our fundraising help desk is available from for your convenience. We are here to assist you with every aspect of your brochure fundraiser. We have been in business for over 50 years and we have a complete understanding of the issues facing sponsors.

How we can help you with your fundraiser

Fund raising for your school or group is often a “once in a lifetime” event for many of you, so we want to try and make it easy for you. To run it quickly, easily and profitably. This section of our site will provide you with some of the answers to your fundraising questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here then please contact us at your convenience. If you have additional fund raising ideas then please call us at 800.645.6550.

Fundraiser help Checklist

There is no set rule for which type of fundraiser you should run for your school, team or organization. We offer a variety of brochures to choose from. The decision is based on a number of things; here is our Fundraising Help Desk list

  1. Which brochure are we choosing
  2. What time of the year are we running the fundraiser
  3. What is the money being used for
  4. Look into and understand the economic conditions in our community
  5. How excited are the participants and how can I get them more involved

The best fund raising advise we can offer you is from our Expert Advice page will is a great aid for all brochure fund raising sponsors – and it offers important information regarding running your brochure fundraiser safely. (a Tracy Hamilton Inc. Company) has been in the fundraising business since 1965 and we learned a lot in that time. The most important element of any fundraiser is having clear goals, both financial and organizational. We suggest that you do your “homework” and find the best fundraising program you can with a vendor that will support you before, during and after the event. We suggest you read our Expert Advise section for a few additional hints and ideas.

Brochure Fundraising Disclaimers

All of our brochure fundraisers require payment in advance unless other payment arrangements have been met – for our full disclosure information please review the following – thank you.

  • Certain candy and other products are manufactured in an environment that uses peanuts, wheat and other foods or ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. For full ingredients listing for specific products please contact us.
  • If your total sale does not meet our minimums, shipping and destination fees will apply – shipping charge will be assessed based on the number of brochures sent, total retail and your location.  We do our best to make it as manageable as possible.   For specifics on each brochure please contact us at 800-645-6550.
  • requires that all payments be made before shipments are made unless other terms are agreed upon. The sponsor of the fundraiser is personally responsible for payment if organization does not pay invoice in full. In addition, if you cancel your brochure fundraiser after brochures are shipped, there will be a cancellation fee for collation, catalogs, shipping, etc. Thank you.