Poppin Popcorn Chicago Style Fundraiser

poppin popcorn chicago style
poppin popcorn chicago style
F854 | Half Gallon Resealable Bag $10.00

What is Poppin popcorn Chicago style ?

This is a delicious mixture of sweet and salty corn in each mouthful! It is also a Midwest favorite! Poppin Popcorn perfected this flavor by combining their delicious gourmet buttery caramel corn and their cheesy cheddar corn to make the perfect snack!

Retails for only $10 in our ever Popular Poppin popcorn fundraiser brochure,which means your supporters will be glad to help your nonprofit, team or school.


What is the history of Chicago Style Popcorn?

Originally created in 1988 by Candyland, Inc, Chicago Mix® was trademarked as being a mix of Caramel, Cheese & traditionally seasoned popcorn.

After the couple attended a candy expo in Chicago, Brenda Lamb combined her store’s only three popcorn flavors in 1988 and trademarked the name in 1992. “Chicago Mix” popcorn has since become the company’s top-selling product.

Ironically, Candyland is a Minnesota, not Chicago. Most people recognize the Chicago style mix of popcorn as being just cheese and caramel. — Source



poppin popcorn chicago style nutrition infoWhat does the popcorn contain?

Contains: Milk, Soy

Manufactured In A Facility That Also Processes: Egg, Wheat, Peanuts, Almond, Cashew, Walnut, Pecan, Macadamia Nuts

How much money can we earn with Chicago style popcorn fundraising?

When you do a Poppin popcorn Chicago style fundraiser your group earns up to 50% profit on each sale.

So do the math.

When you sell 500 units at $10 each your school or group earns $2,500.

Benefits of working with Fundraisingzone.com?

  • Free Poppin popcorn brochures for your volunteers.
  • The brochure includes 7 other great popcorn flavors for your donors.
  • Great prize program. Your kids can win cool prizes. The more they sell… the better the prizes!
  • No money up front required. Simply pay us with the money you collect from the donations you collect.
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Want to learn more?

Go here to learn more about the Poppin popcorn fundraiser.