Most Popular Popcorn Flavors

What are the most popular gourmet popcorn flavors for fundraisers?

10.00 POPCORN - most popular popcorn flavors!

America loves popcorn. There is no doubt about it. In this article we will share the most popular popcorn flavors people enjoy.

Did you know that one recent survey reported that 92% of people questioned say they enjoy eating popcorn? It is no wonder that schools love the Poppin popcorn fundraiser online.

So what is your favorite popcorn flavor? Lets see how it compares to the top 10 flavors.

Top Ten Popcorn Flavors

  1. Firstly, 31% choose classic butter and salt as their favorite kind of popcorn. (Check out our Movie Theater Butter Gluten Free popcorn in the brochure.)
  2. Secondly, 16% love white cheddar flavor. (Poppin brochure has a White Cheddar Gluten Free option.)
  3. Thirdly, 16% select caramel corn as their selection. (Check out the Buttery Caramel Gluten Free in the Poppin catalog.)
  4. Fourthly, 15% of the people choose Kettle corn. (Check out our Kettle Corn Gluten Free popcorn).
  5. 11% of people select regular cheddar. (By the way, we have 4 cheddar options including Cheesy Cheddar, Three Cheese, Texas Cheddar Habanero & Cheddar Jalapeño. All are gluten free options.)
  6. 3% like chocolate on their popcorn.
  7. 3% love garlic. (Hint—Simply sprinkle garlic powder on your popcorn!)
  8. 2% of people said they prefer popcorn with nothing on it. 
  9. 1% like popcorn with chocolate and white chocolate drizzled on top. 
  10. And finally, 1% like Red velvet.  Imagine chocolate drizzled and sprinkled with red velvet cake crumbs.


Thinking about a popcorn fundraiser for school?

In conclusion, now that you know the top popcorn flavors people love, what will you do with this information? We suggest telling people!

First of all, when you tell people what the top 3 gourmet popcorn flavors are, you make it easy for them to make a decision.

Additionally, which popcorn fundraising brochure should you pick?

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