Popcorn Fundraiser Flyer

Are you looking for some ideas for a popcorn fundraiser flyer?

Congratulations on choosing the Poppin fundraising popcorn to raise money for your school! You have made a wise choice. Here is a template you can use for a popcorn fundraiser flyer.

After all, where else can you sell something for no money out of pocket and still earn up to a 50% profit? And at only $10 for gourmet popcorn, it’s a great deal for your friends and family members. Best of all your youth group earns up to $5 on every sale! Popcorn fundraising at it’s best!

A sample Poppin Popcorn fundraising flyer template to copy

Here is a “fill in the blank” template to use for your popcorn fundraising flyer.

We hope it helps you!

It’s Poppin Popcorn Time!

Poppin Popcorn FundraiserSo what is your FAVORITE popcorn flavor?

__________ (Insert your non profit organization name here), is holding a popcorn fundraiser to help pay for ______________.

(You must tell people why you are raising money.)

This will help the children to _________________. (Remember to show them how their support helps their children.)

We need your help. All we ask is that you show this beautiful brochure to your friends and family and ask if they can help in any way.

The fundraiser will be between _________ and ________. (Insert your fundraising dates here.)

NOTE: Remember to never allow children to fundraise alone. 

Thank you for your support!

(Close with your contact information here.)

Learn more about the Poppin Popcorn fundraising brochure here…