Expert Fund Raising Advice

Expert Fundraising AdviceImportant Advice when Running a Brochure Fundraiser

  • The “most important” sales advice we can offer is to make sure you (the administrator) have a sales goal and a clear reason why you are raising money. You must make sure the participants / parents involved in the fundraiser tell potential buyers about those goals. This is expert fundraising advice for every organization.
  • Keep your fundraiser “short & sweet”. We suggest that you should run your “Brochure Fundraiser” for no longer than two weeks. A “Direct Sale” Fundraiser can be just one day or as long as two weeks. Bare in mind the freshness factor when dealing with certain products.
  • Choose your program carefully. Every fundraiser is unique based on your community, time of year, previous items used and how much money you need to raise.
  • Keep track of your “Brochure Fundraising” campaign before, during and after delivery of your merchandise. Click here for more details.

Do’s and Do Not’s of Brochure Fundraisers

  • Never allow young children to solicit orders alone. They should always be in the company of a responsible adult.
  • If you have chosen a prize program inform the children ahead of time what they could potentially receive as a prize – this will help increase sales.
  • Try not to run your brochure fundraiser any more than two weeks. Much more than that the participants will lose interest.
  • Do not run two fundraising campaigns at the same time, as it will reduce sales of both. We urge you not to run more than one at a time – please trust us on this one.

Custom Expert Fundraising Advice For Your Youth Group

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