How Much Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser Profit Can We Make?

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Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser 50% profit

One of the biggest questions asked here at is, “How much gourmet popcorn fundraiser profit can we make?”

Perhaps you have wondered the same thing. After all, every school, church, sports team and non-profit wants to make the most money to support their program.

Please allow us the opportunity to explain how much money you can make with our gourmet popcorn events.

Selling Popcorn Fundraiser— How To Earn The Most Profit!

We have a sliding scale on the amount of profit you can make with a popcorn sale.  In other words, the more you sell, the more your youth group earns.

First, we have a minimum order of 150 pieces. Each item counts as one piece.

  • 150-250 pieces = 40% profit for your youth group.
  • 251-500 pieces = 45% profit for your young people.
  • Over 501 pieces = 50% profit for your program.

As a goal aim to sell 501 pieces to earn the most money. The trick is to get people to buy multiple bags of popcorn!

Just one more sale can make a difference!

Furthermore, we invite you to adopt the mantra, “Just one more sale!” This little phrase can make your event a lot more money.

Let’s say your school group sells 250 pieces. So, your group would earn a 40% profit on this.

  • 250 x $7 x 40% = $700 profit for your group.

However, now let’s use the mindset of “Just one more sale!”

  • 251 x $7 x 45% = $790 profit for your program.
  • Because you made “Just one more sale,” you earned an EXTRA $90 in profit!

How to earn a 2% BONUS in extra gourmet popcorn fundraising profit

In conclusion, here is a bonus tip to help you earn more money.

We offer a prize program to get your kids excited about selling gourmet popcorn. Some youth groups decide to not use the free prize program and pocket the extra 2% as a bonus. This means your school, church, or sports team can actually earn up to 52% profit on every order.

So, do you have any questions?

Please call us at 1-800-645-6550, because we would be happy to help you.