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Popcorn Fundraiser Companies

Perhaps, you were searching for the best popcorn fundraising companies on-line. Many people agree that popcorn is the perfect way to raise money for their non profit group. However, sometimes they are unsure which gourmet popcorn fundraiser company to actually choose. Maybe, you are wondering the same thing, right now.

Let’s face it…

There are lots of popcorn fundraiser companies out there to choose from!

But how do you know which popcorn company is the best to select?

Here is a 7 point checklist you can use to help you pick the right popcorn vendor.

1) How long have the fundraising companies been in business?

After all, you want to pick a vendor that is financially sound, don’t you? First, you want someone that will be in business next week so that your orders are filled and shipped. Furthermore, you want a popcorn business that will be around next year, so you can hold another event. Here at Fundraisingzone.com, we have helped schools and youth groups raise money selling popcorn for over 50 years. That means we will be around tomorrow to help you.

2) How expensive is the product?

Our gourmet popcorn is only $8 a bag. This means that almost everyone can afford it. Because what good is it to sell popcorn that no one can afford! Right?

3) How much profit can you earn?

Many popcorn fundraisers allow you to earn up to a 20% profit. On the other hand, your school can earn up to 52% on each sale in our popcorn program. Furthermore, the sky is the limit when it comes to how much you make. This is because the more you sell, the more your school earns. So, for every $8.00 bag of popcorn you sell, our popcorn company pays you more than $4.00 on each sale.

4) What kind of reputation do the popcorn fundraising companies have?

Some popcorn companies may offer you a higher commission. You may be curious how they can do that. Sadly, it is because the customer service usually suffers. That means you get:

  • Stale product.
  • Late deliveries.
  • Missing product.
  • Damaged product.
  • No return phone calls.
  • Hurt relationships with friends, family and colleagues.

This can turn a fun popcorn event into a very STRESSFUL one.

So, the key to picking the right popcorn companies, comes down to their commitment to customer service. We also suggest asking for references as well as checking reviews on Facebook and Google.

Rachel from Donovans Hope said:

“The products were received in very good condition, and the quality was above what I was expecting. Tracy Hamilton offers the best profit percentage of any other company I came across. The customer service staff was always available to help with any questions or problems.”

4) Do the fundraising companies provide shipping at no cost to me?

What good is a high profit margin if your money is eaten up by exorbitant shipping charges. Here at Fundraisingzone.com, you only have to sell 150 units to receive free shipping on your merchandise. What if you sell less than that? It is only 7% extra to cover shipping and handling. By the way, most product ships within 10 days.

5) Do they offer a prize program?

You have the option of using our incentive prize program to reward your students that sell the most popcorn. This gets your students excited about your school fundraiser. In addition, you can earn a 2% bonus instead of using the prize program.

6) Do they offer plenty of gourmet flavors to order from in each brochure?

There are 10 delicious gourmet popcorn flavors to choose from. So, that means there is something for everyone.

7) Do we have to buy any product upfront? Or is it free to get started?

Thankfully, the answer is no. We understand you want to raise money and not spend it. In fact, we don’t you want to spend any of your money at all. Our popcorn program is 100% risk free because there are no upfront costs to you.

How does it work?

  • Simply show the brochure because it will do the selling for you.
  • Collect payment upfront from you customers.
  • Pay us from the money you collect. Therefore, this truly is a free program to you.
  • Keep the difference as your profit. CHA-CHING!
  • Finally, repeat next year because it will be profitable for you to so!

8) How many fundraisers do they offer?

Two gourmet popcorn brochures are better than one!

  • Popcorn Pleasures retails at only $8.
  • Poppin Popcorn retails for only $10.
  • PLUS we have dozens of other catalogs selling quality products like snacks, candy, chocolate, gift wrap and gourmet cookie dough too.


In conclusion, we hope you found this checklist helpful. Finally, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us. We have plenty of programs and fundraising ideas to share with you. Furthermore, we will be happy to help you pick from the top popcorn fundraiser companies.