Wrapping Paper Fundraisers for Your Parent Teacher Association


PTA Wrapping Paper Fundraisers

A Parent Teacher Association (PTA) does all it can to provide educational and fun events for children year after year. Schools run fundraisers every year, including wrapping paper fundraisers. Everyone needs wrapping paper each holiday season to wrap gifts for their loved ones and friends. That is what makes this fundraiser so popular every year. There are quite a few different options out there for your gift wrap fundraising event and we will discuss a few in this post.

Gift / Wrapping Paper Brochure Fundraising

A popular brochure option for your fundraiser is the gift catalog. The gift catalog will have hundreds of different options in it, including various types of wrapping paper for everyone to choose from each year. The best thing about this option is that you can sell the products from the catalog online. That means you can send the catalog to family, friends and other supporters via email. This is the perfect way to boost your group’s sales.

Aside from just wrapping paper, the gift catalog also includes the following:

  • Household items
  • Kitchenware
  • Children’s toys
  • Holiday gifts
  • Christmas items
  • Magazines
  • Coffee mugs
  • Candy
  • Chocolate covered items
  • Educational gifts for children
  • Camo gift wrap

Wrapping Paper Catalogs – PTA gift wrap fundraisers

One of the more popular school fundraisers every year is the sale of wrapping paper. Some schools begin selling wrapping paper as early as September, while others wait until October or November to begin the sales. What makes these fundraisers so successful is that you can purchase quite a bit of wrapping paper for a discounted price compared to buying it in stores. The variety available when selling wrapping paper is almost endless and the options continue to increase each year. As you saw earlier, there is now camo gift wrap available. Why not buy a roll and wrap that camo hoodie you bought for your brother in it? He might never find it!

Set up a Table at School

The best way to get your wrapping paper fundraisers going is to set up a table at school in the main hallway during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. You will be able to catch plenty of parents going in and out who might want to join the cause. This is also a great way to show the kids what it is the PTA is selling to help raise funds for their events.

Send a flier home to the parents talking about your special event. We would even be willing to design a custom gift wrap fundraising flyer for you.

Use Brochures to Sell Wrapping Paper

Another option you have is to use brochures to sell the wrapping paper during your fundraiser. Create a catalog of all the different options available, in color, to send out to every family in the school. Send each family home with multiple copies of the brochure so they can hand them out to family and friends who wish to place an order. Don’t forget to drop some brochures at your local restaurants, stores and doctor’s office for better circulation. The more you spread the word, the more profitable your wrapping paper fundraisers will be for the school.

The next time your school prepares to run a wrapping paper fundraiser be sure a brochure or catalog is included in one way or another. You can either go the route of selling wrapping paper with other holiday items in a catalog or have a brochure produced that simply sells wrapping paper. Either way, you will be putting together a profitable fundraiser for the PTA and the children in the school.

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