Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas


Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas – Easy, Best, Fun

If you are looking for FUN cheerleading fundraising ideas then you have come to the right place. is the home of the successful cheer fundraiser. Our school fundraising catalogs are second to none. In fact your customers will love our fundraising products.

Millions of young people are involved in cheer programs and associations nationwide

  • National Cheerleaders Association
  • United Spirit Association
  • Universal Cheerleaders Association
  • Americheer/Ameridance
  • American Cheer & Dance Academy
  • Eastern Cheer & Dance Association
  • Spirit Unlimited

Whether you are looking to raise money to go to the NCA High School Cheerleading Nationals, the NCA All-Star Cheerleading Nationals, or just want to support your local school cheer program, our easy cheer fundraising ideas can help you.

Lets come up with the best cheerleading fundraiser plan

Step # 1 – We need to come up with a sensible “Action Plan” on how to raise the most money easily, quickly, and risk free. Call 800.645.6550 for some unique fundraising ideas.

The first step in raising any kind of funds is to develop a smart plan before you begin. Our cheerleader brochure fundraisers are especially chosen and are a great, easy and profitable way for cheer squads, cheerleader associations, dance teams, all star squads, competitive cheer and junior cheer groups to raise money!

In addition, the money you raise can go towards uniforms, road trips, training, cheer camp, contests, championships and more. This way you can continue to support your sports team with tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers, and stunts.

If you need cheer fundraising ideas then we are a good choice because we have been managing product and brochure fundraisers for over 50 years.

Cheerleading fundraising ideas that work

Step # 2 – Have a Get-Together with the Cheer Coach

There are many reasons why our 100% risk-free cheer fundraising programs are successful.

The most important one is that the cheerleaders get together with their coach and hatch a plan. It is very important to develop a team strategy to raise money. And always remember there is no “I” in TEAM.

Also, keep in mind the more excited you are the better your cheer team will do. It will also move other people to want to help you to succeed.

If your cheer or dance team is looking for a brochure fundraiser with no strings attached,  then we are the answer. Our customers like us and some have commented on how we have helped them raise money.

You might ask “what is the most efficient way to raise money for my cheerleader team”?That is a very good question.

The truth is there are many ways for raising funds, which include donations, dance-a-thons, car washes and many more. And you may find that brochure fundraising is not the answer for you.

If that is the case, then we can certainly understand. Our goal is to offer you a profitable solution. We want what is best for you.

Easy and profitable cheer and dance team brochure solutions – we can answer your questions

  • 100% risk free brochure fundraiser ideas.
  • No upfront costs since you pay only for product that you sell.
  • Profitable high quality full color brochure options
  • Ten point service plan – we have your cheerleader group covered
  • Experienced supplier –We have been in business since 1965
  • Free participation letters, free collection envelopes, free shipping
  • Ask about our free prize incentive program.
  • The amount of money you make is up to you. Depending how much your cheer squad sells, you can earn up to 52% in profit.
  • Finally, its important to sell products that people LOVE to buy and eat! (Hint: THINK cookie dough.)

Additional fun cheerleader fundraising products that you may enjoy:

In conclusion, our school fundraising coaches can help you to raise the most money. We have had many customers tell us that their cheer booster club fundraising got a lot easier due to working with us. In fact many of them continue to work with us year after year. Why? It is because our fun ideas for schools work.

So, why not give us a chance and call us now?

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