PTA and PTO Fundraisers

PTA PTO Fundraisers Guide Book 

Let’s face it… Successful PTO & PTA fundraisers are not easy if you have never done one before.

PTA’s and PTO’s have a unique problem—How do you raise money for school student’s educational art, music and sports programs?

Furthermore the costs for school supplies, sports equipment, musical instruments and art supplies have gone through the roof. And while it’s nice to make a few dollars selling lemonade or washing cars, you need more money than that, don’t you?

Finally, you may have a dozen questions running through your mind about running a PTA fundraising event.

We hope you find this guide filled with answers to the top questions people have about running a fundraiser for PTO’s and PTA’s.

What are some good PTA fundraising companies?

There are many PTA fundraising companies found on the Internet today. Almost any fundraiser company can be used by a parent teachers association to raise funds. So instead of giving you a list of PTA fundraiser companies, we will give you a list of criteria so that you can make a wise choice.

Have they worked with other PTA groups before?

We suggest you ask for PTA member testimonials.

Are there any up front costs to participate in the fundraiser?

You never want to work with a company that will charge you an upfront fee to work with them. A reputable PTO fundraiser company will always give you everything you need to succeed for free.

Do they sell items that people want to buy?

For instance, we only sell snacks and treats people like to buy every week. We also sell wrapping paper that people will want to buy in the holiday season.

Finally, do they sell affordable items?

Most people can afford to donate $10. That is why you will find many PTA fundraising items for under $10 in our school fundraising brochures.

What are the PTA fundraising rules?

The last thing you want to do is to hold a PTA fundraiser and find out that you broke some of the rules. We recommend you know the rules before you plan your fundraiser. These rules are more like guidelines for parent teacher organizations.

So if you are still in the planning stages of your next school event, then please consider the PTA fundraiser rules outlined here.

How many fundraisers can a PTA have?

Wise PTA members understand that if you’re going to reach your financial goals, it takes planning. So they have PTA meetings to schedule several fundraising events through the year.

However, that raises the question: “Is there a limit to how many fundraisers a PTA can have in one school year?”

Have you heard about the 3 to 1 rule before?

National PTA’s fundraiser policy explains“When planning the year’s activities, PTAs need to use the 3 to 1 rule: that there should be at least three non-fundraising projects aimed at helping parents and children or advocacy for every one fundraising event.”

Simply put, this means that if you want to have a winter and a spring fundraising event for your school, you will need to plan a total of six non-fundraiser events during the school year.

As you can imagine this takes planning and cooperation among the entire PTA or PTO board.

Can PTA do raffles?

Raffles are an excellent way to raise money for your school.

For decades PTAs have had success doing a raffle fundraiser. However, you need to follow the rules before you get in trouble.

Here are a few typical guidelines when holding a school raffle.

This is not to be considered legal advice.

  • Most states do not require a license to hold a raffle.
  • In general, to hold a raffle the local PTA must be in existence for at least three years.
  • A local school PTA can only hold one raffle at a time.
  • And finally, a PTA can usually hold two raffles a year.

Now each state government will have different rules to abide by, so we suggest reaching out to find out the answers from your local state government website.

How can a PTA raise money for school?

PTA and PTOs have had success with all kinds of fundraising efforts.

Some hold fundraising events, while others sell snacks and treats.

For instance:

  1. Car wash
  2. Bake sales
  3. Garage sales
  4. Penny wars
  5. Cookie dough fundraisers
  6. Selling gift wrap
  7. Gourmet popcorn fundraisers

Feel free to search through the dozens of fundraising products your school can sell here

What fundraising ideas for middle school do you suggest?

Our website has dozens and dozens of fundraising ideas that work for middle school, high school and elementary school too. Feel free to look at the hundreds of articles that we have to get ideas for your middle school.

How should PTA funds be spent?

Responsible PTA members have a budget set aside at the beginning of the school year. Many decide to put aside an emergency fund when and if they exceed their fundraising goal. Some affluent school districts PTAs have actually decided to donate excess funds to poorer school districts.

How do I ask for PTA donations?

You can do this in two ways.

  1. Sending out a parent fundraising letter home with the students. The letter will outline what you are doing for your next fundraiser event.
  2. Additionally we suggest that PTA members train their volunteers what to say and how to say it.

The most important thing you can do when asking for PTA donations is to give a big reason why you need their help. PTA members that show parents how the fund raiser will help their children personally are usually the most successful.

How do you ask for donations?

Here is an example on how to ask for donations.

First of all, if you were looking for samples of fundraising letters you can click here.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to ask for donations in person you can try this…

I don’t know if you’ve heard but _____________. (Place your big problem here.) Because of this we are raising funds for ______________. As you can imagine we need help. It will allow your kids to __________.

We will accept anything you can give, no matter how big or small. Most people donate or buy (this much.) Can you help us help our children get the educational experience they deserve?

Who should I ask for donations?

The best place to start is with your warm market. This means making a list of your family and friends as well as your neighbors and coworkers.

How can I raise money for PTO?

Everyone wants to look good to their fellow PTA members. So most PTO members do not like to stick their neck out and try new things.

That is why we encourage you to look at using fundraising brochures. We have a simple five step process for your volunteers to use.

Additionally we have a free help desk and a fundraiser checklist to ensure your success.

What are the most profitable fundraisers for PTA or PTO?

The most profitable fundraisers are the ones that you can raise the most money with.

Some schools sell items for a dollar and only make 50 cents profit on every sale. On the other hand, other schools who sell our gourmet popcorn can make up to four dollars on every sale.

You’ll find that most people will be happy to help if the product is under $10. And with a 50% profit, this going to end up being a highly profitable fundraiser for your school.

How much do schools make on fundraisers?

This depends on several factors.

  1. What kind of fundraiser are you having?
  2. How many volunteers do you have?
  3. How profitable is the fundraiser?

Again, this is why we suggest catalog fundraisers like our cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, or snack fundraisers.

How do I sell a lot of fundraisers?

We find one of the best ways to sell the most products for your fundraiser is to have a contest with an award for your top seller.

The opportunity to get recognition among their peers is a highly effective way to motivate your sellers.

Furthermore, we have a prize incentive program that gives every student the opportunity to win something based on their sales. When the kids get to see the great prizes in the brochure, they will set a goal and work toward reaching it.

What should a door to door fundraiser say?

First of all, safety is our first priority when it comes to our students. So we do not recommend any minors going to stranger’s doors without an adult guardian with them.

But what can you say?

Simply follow the script we shared with you above when speaking to people in person.

What is the easiest fundraiser for PTO’s and PTA’s?

The easiest fundraisers for PTOs are those where a PTO board does not have to think about anything because there is a proven process to follow. Our PTA customers tell us they love how easy our program is.

First, they order their brochures. Next, the kids show the brochures to their friends and family and collect payment upfront. Finally, after submitting the order, it is shipped to you ASAP. The PTA gets to keep the difference as profit.

How do you get people to participate in fundraisers?

You have to find out what motivates people. Some are motivated by recognition, so you talk about an award dinner for the top seller.

Others like to win prizes, so you highlight the price incentive program.

And finally, others are looking to add meaning to their life and serve a higher purpose than themselves. So talk about how your fundraiser can help children get the best educational experience possible.

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