Irish Dance Fund Raising


Irish dance fundraising is a great way for your “Irish Dance Team” to raise money – and we have some really great and profitable ideas for you. We have been working with dance teams, Irish dance troupes, Irish Dance Steppers and all kinds of other gymansitcs and dance groups for well over twenty years – we can help your team too. The ability for us to assist groups ranges from “Lord of the Dance” to “Riverdance”, and much more – including “Set Dances” and Sean Nós.

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If you are interested in signing up to run a dance team fundraiser with us, then please give us a call at 800.645.6550 and we will set you up. If you are looking for new ideas and or time-tested ones then please review our brochure programs. Please click here to request a free fundraising kit today.

Irish Dance Fundraiser Ideas

Our line of fund raising catalogs for Irish dance teams can work well with any of our products; such as candles, gifts, caramel popcorn, cookie dough, cheesecakes, pies, giftware, kitchen items, and much much more.

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Sell Candy To Raise Money For Dancing Lessons

Irish Dance Brochure Fund Raising Ideas

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