Easy yard sale dance fundraising ideas

Yard sale dance fundraiser ideas

You might be wondering, “How do I host a yard sale fundraiser for my High School Dance Team ?”

Here is another great dance booster club fundraising idea to raise money for your cause.  Dance fund raising ideas – we got um..!

If your dance team is looking to help defray travel costs to your next competition, then this is an excellent way to raise funds.

Remember though to combine garage sales with some of our other dance fundraiser ideas for best results.

Here are some practical steps you can start taking today:

Get everyone on board to support your garage sale dance team fundraiser

How many dancers do you have on your team?

It is important to get the whole gang involved. The more families involved the more things you can sell. The more things you sell… the more money your dance team earns.

Advertise your garage sale & the reason why you are holding it – Get the word out about your Dance fund raising ideas..!

Are there any families that can’t join in the sale? Then ask them to volunteer to post fliers, signs and internet posts to advertise your yard sale and the good cause behind it.

Be sure to post it on craigslist.com as well as on social media sites like Facebook.

Remember that you can never have enough advertising. Be sure to check with your local police department about any local ordinances before posting any signs.

Get a good location for your yard sale

There is an old saying in real estate that goes, “Location! Location! Location!”

Ideally, you want something that has a lot of walk & drive-by traffic.

Poll everyone on the dance team to see who has the best location.

Get everyone to donate stuff to your yard sale fundraiser

Planning is the key here.

Why not reach out to the other kids in your school? You can make fliers announcing the garage sale and the cause it will help.

You can also ask for donated items to sell. Remember, people have things sitting in their garages, basements and attics just collecting dust for years. The personal pitch you use  highlighting your good cause may be just the thing to get them to donate things you can sell.

Yard sale favorites include:

  • CD’s
  • DVD’s
  • Baby clothes and items
  • Toys
  • Kid clothes
  • Teen clothes
  • Hand & power tools
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Collectibles

BONUS TIP: You can also offer refreshments like bottled water, soda and cookies for sale as these may provide another source income for you.

This is a great opportunity to show your visitors your dance fundraiser catalogs.

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Ready to do some brainstorming?

Why not reach out and pick the brain of a dance fundraising expert by calling 1-800-645-6550?

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