Summer Dance Camp Fundraiser Ideas

Summer Dance Camp Fundraiser Ideas

How to create your own summer dance camp fundraising program

Here is an easy dance fundraiser idea for your High School Dance Team Booster Club to raise funds:..

Did you ever think of running a one day summer dance camp in the school gym during summer break?

You might be wondering,  “How do I run a summer dance camp?”

Here are a few ideas we have seen that seem to work:

  • You can hold a camp for little dancers in grades K-4.
  • You can hold a camp for older kids in grades 5-8.
  • Inform the kids & parents that no dance experience is necessary and that everyone is welcome.
  • Encourage them to wear comfortable gym clothes and tennis shoes.
  • Remind each parent to provide bottled water and lunch for their own children.
  • Supply the girls with a summer camp T-shirt & hair ribbon. (This will brand your high school dance team.)
  • Charge up to $65 for each participant for the dance camp experience.

What can you do during your summer dance camp?

The high school dance team will serve as dance teachers and role models.

You will teach the younger children about the fundamentals of dance and drill team skills. The kids can then learn a short routine that they can perform at the dance team’s annual fundraiser later in the year.

Can you see the benefits of running your own dance camp?

  • First, it builds leadership skills in your dance team members that will last a lifetime.
  • It provides an opportunity for the next generation of dancers to enjoy the excitement of performing in front of a large audience.
  • It builds excitement for the younger children to want to join the high school dance team later.
  • Finally, it gets family & friends of the little children involved with your dance team’s annual fundraiser.

Why not give this a try this year?

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