A “Taste Of Your Town” Fundraiser For Your Dance Team or Studio

A Taste Of Your Town Fundraiser For Your Dance Team or Studio

“How can I host a ‘Taste of my town’ fundraiser
for our dancers?”

If you are looking for ideas to raise money for your dance team or studio, then you will enjoy this suggestion. After all, there is nothing better than dinner AND a show!

Your local community hosts a nice variety of restaurants, bakeries, cafes, coffee houses & sports bars. They will JUMP at the opportunity to participate in a “Taste of your town” celebration.

Why are the “Taste of Your Town” Festivals So Popular?

This is a real WIN-WIN for everyone concerned.

  • Vendors: Imagine their excitement as you tell them about all of the publicity they will receive, as well as the new customers that will be tasting their food.
  • The Public: Food, music & dancing. We think this says it all! It is an opportunity for friends and family to enjoy good food and good times. It allows people to try a sample of a restaurant’s specials at a reasonable cost.
  • Your Dancers: A portion of the proceeds can go to help offset the costs to send your dancers to the State or National Championship.

Here are a few tips you can use in planning your “Taste of” fundraiser:

You can use these ideas to make sure you have a successful dance fundraiser.

  • Start planning months in advance as this will take a lot of organizing on your part.
  • You can do a 3-day food festival starting Friday night to get the most visitors.
  • Contact local restaurant owners and tell them about your festival.
  • Come up with a reasonable vendor entry fee to help with your costs.
  • Arrange to print food tickets that you can sell during the celebration. Every food vendor can decide how many tickets it will cost to sample their items. Encourage them to keep the portions small and affordable so they can have as many taste testers as possible.
  • Encourage all of the vendors to help you advertise the festival. You can make up fliers and posters that they will let you keep for their patrons.
  • Get everyone on the dance team involved with social media to talk about the fundraiser.
  • Schedule “live” music by offering local bands to play and get the free publicity.
  • This is a dance fundraiser so get your dancers to perform a special routine to entertain the crowds.
  • Make sure to offer opportunities for everyone that likes to dance to have fun too.
  • Raffle and auction off as many donated items and services that you can. Talk to the business owners about the free publicity they will get from this.
  • Go online and research local taste of your town ideas that you can try.

We hope your “Taste Of Your Town” Dance Fundraising efforts are successful!

For best results in raising money for your team or studio, we suggest a multi-leveled approach that you schedule throughout the year including: