Dance A Thon Fundraiser — Easy Ideas to Try


Dance-A-Thon Fundraisers To Raise The Most Money

Dance A Thons and marathons have been popular since the 1920’s and 1930’s. You don’t need to set a world record however to use this zany idea. A Dance a thon fundraiser is a great way to gain local press and get the whole community behind your cause. 

Money raising ideas are a priority if you are involved with a dance team, dance-a-thon planning, drill team, dance group, extreme-gymnastics group, gymnastics squad, dance troupe, twirl team, etc. This is why we know you will enjoy these dance fundraising ideas.

Dance marathon fundraising tips

Plan hard and plan early if you are going to make this a successful school fundraiser. 

  • Pick a start date for your danceathon and advertise it heavily on social media.
  • Contact your local news papers and reporters to ask them to cover your story.
  • Donate a portion of your proceeds to a local charity in your community. They will be happy to announce it on their website, social media page and newsletter.
  • Post the rules on your official website so that everyone understands what is allowed.
  • Invite a local celebrity or politician to blow the whistle to start the dance-a-thon event.
  • Have the dancing teams pay an entrance fee to participate. The more dancers the merrier!
  • Encourage every dance tea, to get sponsors for every hour they can stay up on the dance floor,
  • Award a prize to the winning dance couple.

How to hold a virtual dance-a-thon marathon fundraiser

Facebook “live stream” and google live hangouts are great tools to make this happen. You can either do this in two ways:

  • Dancers only while wearing masks. All spectators can watch the video online virtually.
  • Or you can do it by the honor system where every dancer does it “live” on there own facebook “live stream” or even using zoom. A trusted family member can vouch if they are to be disqualified or not.

Additional ways to get money for your dancers AFTER the danceathon

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Additional dance fund raising ideas for your studio and dancers

Try these additional dance fundraising ideas in combination with our amazing snack brochures.

  • Dance costume party. Your dance team can host a costume dance party. Make sure to take lots of pictures to put on social media.
  • 70’s dance party. A disco dance party can be lots of fun. Make sure to have lots of disco music. Tell your friends to get dressed up like they did in the 1970’s. Each person can pay an entrance fee. You can also sell refreshments.
  • Yankee candles. Many of our fundraising brochures sell beautiful candles.
  • Flower bulbs. Our spring catalog sells all kinds of flower bulbs for your garden.
  • Raffles & silent auctions. Many of the dancers on your dance teams have family and friends that have their own business. Ask local businesses if they are willing to donate a prize or service you can sell off.
  • Sell T shirts. Sell t-shirts that have a dance related phrase on it.
  • Bake sales. Ask the parents of the students to donate home baked goods.
  • Yard sales. Garage sales are a great way for dance teams to clean out their garage or basement and make a few dollars. You can also hold a craft sale at the same time.
  • Bingo game nights. This says it all.
  • Parents night out. In addition, this could be a dinner and a movie fundraiser, a restaurant night fundraiser, or a mom spa fundraising event.
  • Discount cards. You can also approach local businesses to see if you can sell discount cards for them. This works well with restaurants, pizzerias and oil change places.
  • Car wash: Everybody needs to get their car washed, so why not pick up a bucket and some sponges at the dollar store? Your dance team can earn a few hundred dollars on a Friday afternoon.

You may also enjoy reading these helpful articles:

  • Host a dancing with the stars event: Everyone can be a star with this fun fundraiser. If it works on TV it may work for you too. Here is an opportunity to get local celebrities help you with your good cause.
  • Hold a taste of your town fundraiser: What if you got all of the local restaurants together for an amazing afternoon of food tasting? Your dance fundraiser would be a smashing success. Raise money while eating good food!
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  • School run fund raisers: Running and dancing are great ways to get exercise while raising money for your school or dance program. Learn all of the details here on.
  • Holiday bazaar fundraisers: This is a great winter fundraising idea for dance groups. Raise money during the holiday season with this festive dance fundraiser event. You will enjoy these holiday dance fundraising ideas.
  • Irish dance fund raisers: You can either put on a show or teach an Irish line dancing class. Either way your dance studio can raise money using this popular dancing style.
  • Hold a summer dance camp fund raiser: This is a fun way to raise money because you get to work with children that want to learn how to dance.  These dance fundraising ideas are also a great way for your students to learn how to teach what they have learned already. Imagine your dancers teaching the next generation the latest dance moves and cheers. This takes their dancing skills to the next level. 

Furthermore, our dance fundraising catalogs are the perfect compliment to any of these traditional fundraisers you may hold.

What will you do next?

In conclusion, it seems that your dance team needs to raise money or you wouldn’t be here right now.

We would like to see if we can help you. You are welcome to call us for a risk free dance fund raiser consultation. All of your concerns and questions will be addressed. Together we will also choose the perfect brochure to help you to make the most money.

Finally, we will share some of our best danceathon fundraising ideas with you. We look forward to assisting you.